Music Picks [May 2017]

Loco ‘Movie Shoot’ ft. DPR LIVE, ‘Da Da Da’ ft. Hoody Dean ‘Love’ ft. Syd JazzyFact ‘All Day Long’ Ovan ‘For Real’ Kim Lip ‘Eclipse’ Curv ‘Keep On Dancing’ Others: (Click on titles to see MV) Loco ‘Too Much’ ft. Dean, ‘Brighten Your Night’  Seventeen ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ Sohee ‘Spotlight’ Rose ‘Knock Knock’

Music Picks [April 2017]

Zico ‘She’s A Baby’ KARD ‘Rumor’ Winner ‘Fool’ Minzy ‘Ninano’ ft. Flowsik DPR LIVE ‘Cheeze And Wine’ Babylon ‘Ocean Drive’ Hyukoh ‘Leather Jacket’ Okdal ‘Intern’ Danpyunsun And The Sailors ‘Love Song’ Barberettes ‘Spring, Bear’ Others: Oh My Girl ‘Coloring Book’ DAY6 ‘I’m Serious’ NCT TEN ‘Dream In A Dream’ Honey G ‘Healing You’ OLNL ‘Oyeah’ … More Music Picks [April 2017]

Music Picks [March 2017]

Pristin ‘Wee Woo’ LIVE ‘Know me’ ft. Dean, ‘Laputa’ ft. Crush LambC ‘Love Like That’ NY.LA ‘Can’t Find No Reason’ ft. Davii Sous Chefs ‘N.W.A’ Stella Jang ‘Colors’ Palgou ‘Monster’ Others: Girl’s Day ‘I’ll Be Yours’ Eric Nam X Somi ‘You, Who?’ Monsta X ‘Beautiful’ Seven O’Clock ‘Echo’ Blanc7 ‘Yeah’ LIVE ‘Right Here Right Now’ … More Music Picks [March 2017]