Music Picks [August 2013]

(*Sunmi and her cute pink bob*)


1. Sunmi ’24 Hours’ –Hands down the song of the month, and most definitely one of the best of the year. Sunmi’s short colored hair is perfect on her and her dancing here is one that will be remembered through time. I loved the part when there is a tango breakdown and she’s dancing with the guy and her clothes change from white to black.

2. Ladies Code ‘Hate You’ –I don’t understand how this MV got so little views, ‘cause to me this video was great. I love the creepy style of it, the symbolism, and of course the song.

3. Seungri ‘Gotta talk to u’ –So happy for Seungri making his second comeback. The song is more low key, which I like, nothing big and bombastic , in fact the whole album is done in this style which makes for another great album. The MV style is sleek and simple with Seungri wearing his ever favorite suits.

4. Kang Seung Yoon ‘Stealer’ –Keeping in line with YG family is Seung Yoon’s new video. I thought this was a great little rock song and the visuals were stunningly beautiful here with the flowers and the petals flying. Is it just me though, or is that girl a bit creepy when she smiles?

5. Teen Top ‘Rocking’-From the very beginning you know it’s gonna be good, this was an instant like. Loving their dance moves. Based on girl’s video reaction there’s always screaming when Cap reveals his bare back.

6. Spica ‘Tonight’ –I love Spica, they have some of the best voices in the industry yet they are criminally underrated.  Boo. But with Lee Hyori in this video hopefully things will be looking up for this group. That being said, the MV itself is awesome, totally different from the in-the-box sets that idols usually find themselves in. It has a colorful atmosphere with bohemian fashion and the song is great as well.

7. Jin Doggae ft. J-Fla ‘Tic Toc’ –We all know the real reason is because of J-Fla’s voice. Her voice is so epic that you are drawn into this song immediately. She makes a good combo with rapper Jin Doggae. The video itself is nothing special but it’s still nice to look at.

8. Bebop & Humming Urban Stereo ‘Maem Maem’ –Humming Urban Stereo is one of my favorite electronic bands so this song was an instant like for me. Plus they have worked with bebop before in one of their hit songs ‘Love Jam’ . So before even listening I pretty much knew this was going to be good. I love the colorfulness of the MV and the girl’s having a lot of fun.

9. WHOwho ‘Her’ –People who have heard this song once, immediately love, and I am no exception. WHOwho reminds me of Glen Check which his right up my alley, so it came as no surprise to me that they have worked and even opened for Glen Check. Great chorus great sound, all of it.

10. Thornapple ‘Cicadas cry even if it rains’ –This is a pretty old song but with a new music video. This band has a great rock sound and turns out the album is great too. The MV is nice to watch, though I’m not entirely sure what’s happening.

5 Other Faves:

1. Ze:a ‘Ghost of the wind’ – The song is great and all but really I chose this one because of Dong Jun. I don’t know why but I totally loved him with that hair even as it was slapping him in the face the whole time.

2. K-Hunter ‘Marry me’ –An adorable video and song. The kiss between the two kids has to be the sweetest thing ever. K-Hunter’s dancing  partner however didn’t have the best happy face though. His mini album is great by the way.

3. Suho ‘I’m not kidding’-Don’t know if am taken by this half naked chick in the MV but I am definitely diggin the song .

4. Defconn ft. Boni ‘N.G.’ –Defconn’s deep voice with Boni’s powerful one makes for one sweet combo. Both have the vocal talents.

5. P-Type ft. Gray ‘Love, life, rap’ –This is hands down one of the best songs of the month and my favorite off of P-type’s album ‘Rap’. Gray’s voice is perfect; thank you P-type for introducing him to me and the rap itself just flows with beats. One great song that I have listened to for days and days and am still listening to.

Honorable Mention:

Honey G ‘Baboya’ (‘Fool’) –The voices from Honey G are great but what’s more is that I totally loved the video. I was so happy with that ending (nice guys can win in the end).


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