Music Picks [July 2013]

(*2NE1 strikes a pose*)

1. 2NE1 ‘Falling in love’ -2NE1 and reggae equals awesomeness. They have done reggae version of their song before so I am so glad to see them do an official one. The song is great and the girls look beautiful. Dara fits with that blonde hair and oh CL, with that brown hair, she was most stunning of all. And then the fact that models/actors Lee Hyuk soo and Hong Jong Hyun were in it was like icing on the cake; all that was missing was Kim Woo Bin and it would have been the fantastic trio up in there.

2. 2EYES ‘Don’t mess with me’ (drama ver.) –Speaking of Kim Woo Bin, he showed up here in this video looking very dapper indeed. He plays the villain here but that’s no problem by me, his acting always shines through. What I liked about this version as opposed to the original is that you have a cool heroine story (Hyerin’s arm flies off for god sakes!) and the dance reminds me of BoA’s ‘Eat you up’, no fancy clothes, just loose ones that make them look more rugged .

3. Brown Eyed Girl’s ‘Kill Bill’ –Continuing on with the theme of girl’s kicking butt is this video from BEG. This girl group has long been my favorite girl group because not only are they afraid to take risks in their MV’s but every member is equally talented and sexy. My biases GaIn and Miryo are two that I can’t get enough of. It does seem a bit funny that they have to keep dying all the time, and miraculously coming back to life but whatever, BEG can get away with this type of stuff.

4. Lee Jung Hyun ‘V’-Yet another female appearance on the list. I totally loved this MV has to be one of the best of the year. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that Park Chan Wook helped in directing it, when you see the video, it is totally in his style. Plus it has talented actor Jin Goo in it playing the trapped new husband. I loved the dancing, the song, the sets, and the colors, all of it was perfect.

5. BTS (Bangtan Boys) ‘Bulletproog PT 2’ –I am so glad that they came out with this MV ‘cause this was actually my favorite song from their debut album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. These boys dance and rapping skills are amazing and right now they are shaping up to be the best boy group rookies of the year. They certainly got my vote. But what’s up with the football gear and the light helmet thingys?

6. EXO ‘Growl’ –Now I know for sure that everyone saw this video, how could you not? The dancing is on point, the music is fantastic and totally fits EXO’s style. This group is pretty much the only group I follow from SM because I think they have IT; that and well, Kai is an amazing dancer, Kris is beautiful, and D.O. has a great voice (I still don’t know all the member’s names). The whole MV seems to shot in one amazing take.

7. MIB ‘Dash’ (Men in Black) –Once the beat starts, you know it’s about to get good. What a fun song to dance to and the little dance move they do is awesome. All the boys look fine and Kangta with his voice is ever so good. The ‘Men in Black’ theme is hilarious and fun.

8. Xia ‘Incredible’ –This took me a couple more listens until I finally got into the song, Junsu’s voice is still the best, and the dance in this video is amazing. I almost forget that Junsu can dance, and dance well for that matter, he kept up with all the backup dancers. Speaking of those backup dancers, it’s nice to see that Junsu is continuing to be multicultural in his video; his last MV ‘Tarantellegra’ also used foreigners. But what’s up with that one chick? Is she supposed to be stalking Junsu with her camera or something? Creeper.

9. Jay Park ‘I like 2 party’ –This is another one of those dance songs but Jay Park’s sound here is more international, like this could be played at any club and people would be up and dancing to it. Here too, Jay Park uses foreigners and they all dance around with glow in the dark uh…stuff.

10. Miss $ ‘You were not the…’ –Now, this has to be my favorite song of the month; all I know is that I have been listening to it for days now. The song and rap is great in itself (plus, who can get enough of Verbal Jint’s voice?)but the MV itself is great too. I love how they incorporated the other Brand New Music artists in this video showing their record covers; I thought that was real clever.

5 Other Faves:

1. Queen B’z ‘Bad’ -The voices from these girl’s are amazing and it has an interesting vampirish theme to the video too. I hope to hear more from them soon.

2. Sunny Days ‘Meet a girl like you’ –Yet another new group with amazing vocals! I’ve warmed up to this song a lot, now I love it. I too, would love to hear more music from these girls.

3. P-Type ‘Volcanao’ –P-Type’s rap is great, a beautiful chorus, and a great looking MV. Love the tango influenced beats.

4. Newton ‘Collaboration’ –Glad, I got to catch this MV in time because it was my favorite song on the ‘Collabortaion’ album. I keep loving Newton’s electronic sound and hope there will be more stuff coming out soon.

5.  Yozoh ‘Flowerpot’ –I’ve always liked Yozoh because she’s collaborated with several artists that I love like 015b, Sogyumo Acacia Band, and Humming Urban Stereo. Maybe the MV isn’t much to look it but I enjoyed the song and always enjoy Yozoh’s softer voice.

Honorable Mention:
Born Kim ‘Good morning girl’ –Uhhh, it’s got Junggigo in it people!  You know how much I love this guy’s voice. The mv may not be much to look at but I could listen to his voice all day long.


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