Music Picks [June 2013]

(*MBLAQ make a suave return*)

1. Mblaq ‘Smoky Girl’ –This has to be one of the best K-pop songs of the year; from the very beginning it is so fun and addictive, who cares what Smoky Girl is (I’m guessing she’s someone who’s hot or else I totally would not be down with Mblaq chasing a girl who chain smokes). And can I just say Mir’s rapping is awesome? Man, I totally forgot how good he was at it.

2. BTS (Bangtan Boys) ‘No more dream’ –I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that if you have a ‘B’ name boy group you pretty much will be successful (Big Bang, Beast, B.A.P., Block B…I could go on). I am loving the style here, this song reminds me a bit of 90’s hip-hop (yay for that, that’s the best type), in particular H.O.T.’s ‘Warrior Descendent’. Sure, these guys are baby faced but they can sure rap and dance, though I can’t vouch for their driving skills.

3. After School ‘First Love’ –If there’s one girl group that made a splash this month, it was this one. I can always look forward to After School sexiness because heck, THEY ARE. No one can deny them as being one of the sexiest K-pop groups out there but now these girls know how to pole dance too? Dang, mad props, girls, pole dancing is a real effort to learn, I know I couldn’t dance like Nana on that pole. Speaking of Nana, holy crap, why is she so stunning in this MV ?!–stop giving me those looks! ~Get Funky, Get Down…

4. Crayon Pop ‘Bar Bar Bar’ –I guess you could say this is another girl group that made a splash but in a different way (thank goodness). I’ve loved Crayon Pop’s last song ‘Dancing Queen’ and it was a great video too but this song’s dance has officially put them on the map as one of the breakthrough groups of 2013 and I can see why. The song is cute, the dance is cute, the girls are cute –everything’s cute ok? But seriously, the main dance move is easy to follow that you’ll find yourself doing it; I mean, how hard can it be to jump?

5. Andamiro ft. Double K ‘Waiting’ –I was totally not expecting an Andamiro comeback but thanks goodness she did ‘cause I’m loving this song; this may even be better than ‘hypnotize’. Even more, I’m loving Double K’s rap: ‘love? (scoffs) You gotta be kidding’ love that part.  The editing and special effects here are beautiful to look at too.

6. Dynamic Duo ‘Baaam’ –Ok, technically their album doesn’t come out until the first of July but this MV still came out on the last day of June and so I will put it on this list if I damn well please! I totally, utterly love this song. Dynamic Duo is my favorite hip-hop duo and they have never disappointed me when it comes to their music –it’s always good, no joke. I’m surprised how many people love this song considering that their past songs have never gotten this much praise (but are just as good). And can I just say the choreography in this MV is awesome! Thank you Dynamic Duo for casting women that have some curves (In Korea, this is curvy), It makes me happy.

7. Lee Sung Chul ‘My Love’ –Lee Sung Chul’s other MV this month ‘the day to love’ was also a sweet drama MV, though there was that one girl who was screaming her head off, chasing that guy (no joke). But ‘My Love’ did something different by putting someone on candid camera as she was being given the most awesomest proposal. Not gonna lie, I teared up at the end –guh, why?! You may wanna go to the 1:35 mark to get to the real thing, just prepared to be wooed.

8. Midnight Monsters ‘Voyage to the end of the universe’ –Now that’s an awesome title huh? This electronic song is totally bangin’ and it’s a good thing I found it in time. Catchy chorus and a cool and simple video; not much I can complain on now can I?

9. Smells ‘Up and down’ –Son Seung Yeon’s voice it reason enough to listen to this electronic song –it’s soo good. Sure she’s mostly repeating the same line again and again but you can’t help but sing along and dance. The MV itself is pretty hilarious and epic at the same time. Are those cheese balls being thrown around? What is up with the hair being blown in everyone’s face ? Can I be at this party?  This is fabulous.

10. YB ‘Mystery’ –how can I do this list without mentioning  this MV. It looks like it came out of a Wes Anderson film, it has that same style and feel, and I totally loved it.  Lead singer Yoon Do Hyun with his John Lennon Beard is pure awesomeness not to mention the song is great too. That being said I’m not sure I know what the heck is going on, but at this point I don’t care.

5 Other Faves:

1. B.A.P ‘Coffee Shop’ –I have to be honest and say that I have never been a big B.A.P. fan  as shocking as that may seem(I can hear the fan girls booing at me). I like their fierce image but I feel their songs have the same chorus just filled with different words. So when this more laid back song came out I was pleasantly surprised –and happy, happy because now I know B.A.P. has talent to do something different like this slow-jam song AND because of Young Jae. Don’t lie to me, when you guys saw him walk down that street in that beanie thing lookin’ oh soo good for like five seconds did your mouth not drop? Cause I swear, if I had been there I would have walked straight into a wall. I can’t vouch for that other red floppy hat though, though I admit HE makes IT look good.

2. Roy Kim ‘Love Love Love’ –This is a fun, feel good song, love the chorus and well Roy Kim too, look at him being surrounded by girls, I’m pretty sure this guy can get a girlfriend anytime with no problems.

3. Bumkey ‘Bad Girl’ –OK, this MV is not even that great but it’s the song, THE SONG! I’ve been listening to this song for weeks and I’m still listening to it. Dear, Bumkey –when the heck are you coming out with an album already? you desperately need one, or rather I desperately need to hear your album. He’s always featured in other rapper’s songs but it’s about time he got his own song out.

4. Kye Bum Joo ‘The Ceiling’ –I never thought a song about a one night stand would sound so good! But more than that, the MV is a pleasure to watch; on the one hand you got Aron from Nu’est for the ladies and then you got a hot chick for the guys, what’s there to complain about?

5. Sogyumo Acacia Band ‘At the moment’ –When it comes to slow tempo music, I love this band. Not only is the MV pretty to look at but their album ‘Slow Diving Table’ is an awesome listen too.

3 Honorable Mentions:

Postino ‘I love it’ –I know when you watch this MV, you’ll probably think ‘holy crap, this MV is awesome, how could this not be on your list?’ as awesome as it is, Postino is from the U.K. so I can’t really label him as ‘Korean’ music that comes from Korea. Though Postino has worked with Korean artists before (like O15b’s ‘Let me go’, an awesome song remix) I wasn’t entirely convinced to put him on the list. Still though, how awesome  is that MV? Totally creative and fun.

Sistar ‘Give it to me’ –I love Sistar, but I think they got overshadowed by After School this month, which is a shame ‘cause ‘Give it to me’ was pretty great. A Moulin Rouge type of getup with a long row of girls dancing-it was so effortlessly sexy. Sistar is another one of those girl groups that’s known for their sexiness but I have always loved them more because they are one of the few groups that embraces their curves. Don’t ever change Sistar, you girls are awesome and beautiful and you deserve a mention here.

Takers ‘Honey’ –I’m not sure what’s going on in this MV but I’m totally loving it and laughing all the way. The song is great to listen to but honestly you can’t help but concentrate on the MV itself. It’s weird, odd, yet fun at the same time. And what’s up with that girl’s hat? Looks like a condom. Condom head haha.


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