Music Picks [May 2013]

(*2PM walking right towards you*)

1. 2pm ‘ADTOY’ – I don’t know about you, but Jun. K had my eyes in this one. This may be because I loved him in ‘The Romantic & Idol’ (btw is that show ever coming back? I am still dying to watch the original two season of ‘The Romantic’; if anyone has an English translation link hit me up!) Nickhun’s falsetto was pretty epic.

2. Wonder Boyz ‘Tarzan’ –This reggaeton beat is a super fun song that can be danced to. The dance in the MV itself was pretty cool. I can’t say much wrong here except that one of the members is sporting an afro hair style that’s like a Bruno Mars look alike.

3. Shinhwa ‘This Love’ –You gotta admire a boy group (and I feel bad calling them boy group, cause really…) that’s not afraid of doing some feminine moves. But are vogue moves really feminine? I say who cares, not Shinhwa, cause they embraced it and killed it. And can I say that Eric was just killing it with those moves.

4. Lee Hyori ‘Amor Mio’ –Lee Hyori came out with two other great MV’s too (they’re worth checking out) but I actually enjoyed this song then the others possibly because of her duet with Honey G’s Park Ji Yong. I loved his voice in this song. And I swear, there was not one scene where there was no wind blowing.

5. CL ‘Baddest Female’ –Well, she is the baddest female, let’s get that straight, but not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know (Ha!). Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of CL but I have never seen her look so gorgeous. This woman is brimming with confidence and I love her for that.

6. Swings ft. Seo In Guk ‘Would You’ –This has to be my favorite Swings song so far; I was jammin’ to this one for weeks. Love the MV too, mainly ‘cause Seo In Guk was lookin’ fine in a suite and pretending he was a fierce lion on that coach. Yeah, you know, no big deal for him.

7. BNR ft. Ann ‘Did not say anything’ –Not only did I love this song but the MV was aammaazzing. I don’t  know how they did those effects but it was cool nonetheless. Ann’s voice alone –gah! Just fantastic. The guy though bumps into everything without being apologetic about it

8. Double K ft. Lee Michelle ‘Rewind’ –Yay for Lee Michelle featuring in this song, love her voice. The MV was great too (hello Hong Jong Hyun), but seriously, I loved its dark tone -literally and figuratively.

9. Yi Sung Yol ‘Cynic’ –I love this guy’s voice, seriously; it’s a deep tenore voice.  When I first heard this song I was instantly reminded of Radiohead and it definitely has those qualities, in fact the whole album seems to be in this style and I got no complaints about that, I love that moody kind of music.

10. My Q ‘Live Forever’ –I found out about this MV just in time and thank goodness ‘cause I seriously love it! It looks like it came straight out of Napoleon Dynamite, heck, if this were an actual drama or movie, I’d watch it. As for the music, you can’t go wrong with My Q, I’ve always loved his style.

3 Other Faves:

Newton ft. Woori ‘Faster Better Stronger’ –Cool electronic music is always good and the editing of this video is pretty cool in itself too.

Eaeon ‘Harder, better, faster, stronger’ –Gee, another ‘better, faster, stronger song’? but actually this song isn’t new. Studio Lovo (and you should know that I love these guys) finally did a studio recording to this fantastic cover on of the Daft Punk song. It’s got more of a slower beat but still oh so awesome.

RossyPP ‘Falling in love’ –Speaking of Studio Lovo covering old songs, this one is another one. ‘Falling in love’ is actually one the earliest Korean indie songs I listened way back when and ‘till this day I still love this song! Thanks, Lovo for doing a recording of it finally!

Honorable Mention:

Yoo Seung Woo ‘Hello’ –Awww how could you not love those cheeks, he’s adorable. I love the song too.


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