Music Picks [October 2013]

(*Trouble Maker together again*)

1. Block B ‘Very good’: This time the boys came back with a more fierce image with creepy clown masks and weird costume getups. A totally fun video to watch and you could see the guys were totally in their element here.

2. Trouble Maker ‘Now’: Everyone waited for this one to come out and rightfully so, it was better than anyone had expected, I mean, these two are full on making out! I love the chemistry between Hyunseung and Hyuna  (or should I say 2Hyun?). Hyunseung’s voice is amazing good here and Hyuna is beautiful as always.

3.Tiny G ‘Miss you’: So far this is my favorite song from them it’s got a cute chorus and dance and I am totally loving all the outfits they were wearing in the video. Would love to buy them.

4. UKISS ‘She’s mine’: Ukiss has returned as 6 members now but with this MV they are obviously going strong. Right out of the gate we get some rapping, the chorus is jammin’ and AJ was totally stealing the spotlight in this one, he killed it (but let’s not forget how good Kiseop was in this video eh?)

5. MYNAME ‘Day by day’: possibly my favorite song from the group so far. It’s  a more quieter song but I still loved the chorus and the cool effects.

6. Baek Seung Heon ‘Wait a minute’: A great comeback pop song that had an addictive chorus, and a handsome Baek Seun Heon to boot.

7. Kahi ‘It’s me’: Let’s get this straight, Kahi is beautiful and sexy, the girl is from After School after all and she has got some serious dance skills. As much as I love that chorus, the English nerd in me can’t help but squirm. If only she had changed the chorus to ‘ I’m a bad girl, I’m a good girl, I’m a sexy, sexy, sexy girl’ then this song would have been perfect. Unless she is speaking to the girl in question, then would the lines make sense:  I’m so bad –girl …and so on. But heck, I’m still diggin’ this song.

8. Seo In Young ‘Love me’: In Young with blonde hair is great and her fashion sense is always on point as you see in the video. I love that she is getting into the electronic scene, she has great vocals that can do ballads but she also fits this mode too.

9. Park Ji Yoon ‘Mr. Lee’: I love Park Ji Yeon’s smooth voice and the Jazzy instrumentals but the video was a real delight to watch between looking at hot guys and some less than charming ones. Awesome to see that some of those men are from her label company like Jung Chi.

10. Rhythm Power ‘Bond girl’ ft. Zion T. : How could you not dance to this song? great retro sound (thanks to Primary) and then you got  Zion T singing the chorus? What more could you ask for? B-O-N-D

Other 5 Faves:

1. IU ‘The Red Shoes’: The song is not a personal favorite of IU but the MV alone has to be one of the best of the year.  Plus the video introduced me to model Jang Ki Yong; why, hello there.

2. T-ara ‘Number 9’: T-ara (like UKISS) also came back as a 6 member group. The song is great and they all look stunning though sometimes I think they look too skinny (looking at you, Hyomin).

3. Gray ‘Dangerous’ ft. Jay Park: Finally Gray came out with his own mini album. He not only has a good voice but his rapping is awesome in this video. But the model lady in this MV is waaay too awkward, she looks pretty unsure of what she should be doing.

4. Kanto ‘What you want’ ft. Sungkyu: Love the chorus sung by Sungkyu and Ladie’s Code Rise also features in the MV (yay for that!).

5. Jaurim ‘Twenty five, twenty one’: This is a slow and lovely MV just like the song. The video features actor Kim Nam Jin looking all moppy and miserable in an office building. Love Kim Yoon Ah’s voice.

Honorable Mention:

Lim Chang Jeong ‘Open the door’ –A hilarious MV that may as well be called ‘Gangnam Style Part 2’. Love the featuring of UKISS in the video and every other actor and actress that you’ve seen in dramaland and variety. Just a fun, good time song and video that you can’t help but laugh at.

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