Music Picks [September 2013]

(*GD going Vogue*)


1. G-Dragon: Coup D’etat– Pretty epic. The music is made by Diplo, the creepiness of the video that gave a Tim Burton-y feel (like with GD’s Hair). There was plenty of symbolism to be seen, you really can’t expect anything less from GD.

2. Ladies Code: Pretty pretty– This group has already stolen my heart as the best rookie girl group of 2013. I just love their songs, and even more they always make great music videos. In this one we get to see some fun special effects as we sing along to the chorus.

3. GI: Booshit– This group is turning out to be a real hip-hop girl group for real. Love the sound and dance. It’s a simple dance video but it’s all that’s needed.

4. JY Park: I’ve partied enough– I enjoyed the song, but any JYP song seems to be my style. I just love his R&B. More so though, this was an interesting MV to watch. Seeing JYP as an old man was kinda creepy to see but it’s nice to know that the guy can still dance and sing well.

5. Block B: Be the light– This is the group’s return under a new company now and as we see through the MV they symbolically thank the fan’s for their support through the rough times. It’s a nice song but I was more surprised that Zico was singing in the beginning there, and singing well. Is this possible? Apparently so. This gives me more confidence in saying that Block B is a talented boy group.

6. Drunken Tiger: The Cure– Love the slow tempo music here and Yoon Mi Rae’s voice is still fantastic. The MV itself shows some nice graphics and effects that you enjoy the whole way through.

7. Mayson The Soul: Holiday– Hands down one the best songs of the month, if not THE best. From start to finish Mayson’s voice is perfection and could possibly be just as good or better than Zion T’s. I love Beenzino’s rap in this one, but honestly, anything with Beenzino I will like. The album is not to be missed.

8. San E: Rap Genius– Studio Lovo did a recording to this song and I have to say this is pretty epic. Not just San E’s rapping but EFFECT’s beat boxing skills were so cool to listen to and DJ IT doing his own thing made this MV more of a one of a kind performance.

9. Eastern Sidekick: Teeth and Sweat– Glad to see Eastern Sidekick comeback, they are truly one of the great Korean rock bands out there. Just another great rock song and performance. The album is worth a listen.

10. Demicat: locked in the dream– Love the electronic sound here with the cool breakdown chorus sung by Koonta of Rude Paper. Just a good electronic song. Not much I can say about the MV but the song is worth it.

5 other faves:

BTS (Bangtan Boys): N.O.- BTS still can’t be stopped as rookies of the year. A good performance everytime.  Though this is probably not as good as ‘Bulletproof PT 2’

Joo Young: Popstar – Joo young comes back with a fun little single. He’s so small! But I love his smooth voice, one of the best in the industry.

Kye Bum Joo ft. Dok2: Something special-Another fun song with Block B’s P.O. and Hello Venus’ Yoonjo featuring. The song is about being attracted to a women that isn’t that pretty but has ‘something special’ about her. Is that kinda weird? Whatever, it’s a fun song.

Vic: Cave-One man’s hatred for… oysters? Seriously, that’s what it looks like to me. Great video and an even better voice that deserved some recognition.

What Women Want: Curious – A cute and and wonderfully filmed MV about ‘what if?’ between two people on a train.

Honorable Mention:

G-Dragon: Crooked GD’s other video this month deserves a mention because it was just as compelling as ‘Coup d’état’ mainly because we as the fans got to see more of the inner turmoil that is hidden underneath the idol. Seeing him cry in a bathroom stall alone just makes me want to hug him.


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