Music Picks [November 2013]

(*Miss A strike a pose*)

1.Miss A ‘Hush’– Love it. Love the song, love the dance, love them. Miss A is one of my favorite groups ever and they never seem to disappoint me. Can we talk about how sexy all of them are? They’re ripping down curtains, hanging onto an overhead pole, getting down in leather pants.

2.T.O.P ‘Doom Dada’– I didn’t know what I was expecting for this MV only that from listening to the song, and knowing TOP, I knew this was going to be crazy good. This has to be one of the best mv’s this year.  The song is on fire and the video is not only fun to watch but actually has some meaning to it. I’m pretty sure that was TOP in that ape suit otherwise it was an awesome job nonetheless.

3. Taeyang ‘Ringa Linga’ (dance performance ver.)- I think it’s safe to say that most people preferred this video than the actual official MV. Taeyang and the rest of the dance crew are just killing it here.

4. GD ‘Who you?’– What is up GD? Why are you always making these creative mv’s? well I’m not complaining. GD always manages to do something different from everybody else. Is it just me or did GD sound like Bruno Mars when he started singing that song though?

5. 2ne1 ‘Missing you’–  I love the beginning with their voices,  it drew me right in. And then that chorus- whoo! Sometimes I forget that these girls can sing but really these girl’s have it all. I loved the fashion and the visuals in this too. Especially Dara lying in that heap of purple stuff, that looked cool.

6.  Vixx ‘Only you’-This one too had a great hook in the beginning that drew me in. Vixx is getting a lot of popularity these days. I like one or two of their songs but honestly don’t care for the rest. But this song right here was pure goodness.

7. Hyolyn (Hyorin) ‘Lonely’-Has Hyorin always been referred to as Hyolyn? I think this is the first I’ve heard of it ‘cause even in Dynamic Duo’s ‘Hot Wings’ she’s called Hyolyn. Anyway, that is no matter; I really love this song.  It’s different from any of the songs on this list.

8. MR.MR ‘Do you feel me’ –oh yeah, the chorus to this song has been stuck in my head for awhile. MR. MR. has had their songs in the past but this one is their best yet. It’s a classic K-pop sound with the guys dancing with microphone stands, and the singing is great despite the rapping part that ends with : ‘I can make you top, top, top’. What does that mean? And the best thing about this mv? Tey. Seriously, guys, this guy has become my new found crush. He is definitely my bias in this group now.

9. Rhythmking ‘Think about you’ ft. Bumkey, Yenny, Shorry J– Oh my R&B feels! This is my song people! Any R&B song is my jam. Bumkey’s voice! I can’t say enough good things about this man, and Yenny’s voice is beautiful too. Just love it, how can I hate this?

10. Glen Check ‘Young generation’– Behold, it is the return of Glen Check, one of the best and one of my favorite electronic indie groups (well it seems to be everyone’s favorite these days). Love the song, love the 80’s vibe that they always do. I see in a lot in the video comments that Glen Check reminds them of the group Justice. I can see that comparison but I want Glen Check to be their own thing; they deserve their own recognition, they don’t need to be compared to.

5 Other Faves:

U Sung Eum ‘Healing’-Not only is Sung Eum’s voice great in this song but the dancing is amazing.

Dynamic Duo ‘Hot wings’ – This is an old-ish song by now but the mv is better late than never. The MV itself is pretty cool though with the duo rappers and the chicks being rotated around.

San E ‘Where did you sleep’-How much fun was this mv? The song is good but I think I enjoyed the MV more. This may have to do with Verbal Jint looking good as ever as a detective and then Swings acting as a badass gangster.

Mando and Chigi ‘He says, She says’ –Haha! I love this MV, so much fun. Yes, that’s actor Oh Ji Ho up in this mv. They took something so small as spilling coffee over each other and made it awesome.

Jang Eunho ‘Say my name’ (cover by Chaeyoon)- I love this version of the song. Chaeyoon’s raspy voice makes the song more haunting.

Honorable mention:

History ‘What am I to you’-You know how I love History. I’m not sure if I am a fan of the song but the mv was still awesome. Love the colors and the Berlin setting. All the boys are looking good though I’m not sure what to think of Yijeong in his tighty whities.

Dynamic Duo ‘Three dope Boyz’ ft. Zion T.- This was the other song that came out with ‘Hot Wings’ this month. Zion T rapping is just pure awesomeness.


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