K-Boyz Roundup

Here’s what I’ve been laughing to, sighing over, and listening to these past couple weeks:

click on any of the links below to check out these vids!

Sihyoung dancing again (embarrassingly). From the behind the scenes filming of History’s latest mv

Jang Ki Yong showed up in IU’s video again (but why do I do I feel so sad for Yi Jeong?)

Another behind the scenes.This time of Mr. Mr ‘Do you feel me’ set. Of course, I had to gif Tey

One of my favorite models/actors is Kim Young Kwang and he appeared in Brown Eyed Souls’ fantastic mv ‘You’

Oh what a man.

The first episodes of Winner TV. Having a great time with the show so far. onewoman subs X winner subs team is great!

watch the episodes here

I had no idea before that Taehyun and Seungyoon were awkward with each other but I guess they are okay with it now. Ha!

Listening to: Beenzino- Dali, Van, Picasso

‘Cause it’s jazzy/hip-hop awesome. If you don’t already know, I have a huge love for Beenzino’s music, so when he came out with this I was in love all over again. Does this mean we’re getting a new Beenzino album? or even a Jazzyfact one? PLEASE GOD, LET EITHER ONE BE TRUE!! (and yes that is model Kim Won Jung on the cover)


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