5 Things In Kpop That I Missed In 2013 But Want To See In 2014

2013 was a pretty good Kpop year with many new rookie artists debuting along with older group comebacks. But I couldn’t help but miss some artists that hadn’t shown up this year or had seen very little of them these past months. So here’s what I’m hoping will be a great new year.

 C-Clown: There was no other group that I missed in the second half of the year more than C-Clown.  Yes, they had a mini album out in the beginning of 2013 but then they seamlessly disappeared for the rest of the year. Whaaaa? If you don’t listen to this boy group you must be crazy, they were one of the best rookies of last year and went underappreciated for some dumb reason, I’m sure. Their music is totally my style with those R&B notes, their voices fit the tone and are young and good looking; I’m not sure why they are not more popular people!! Is it the name? Is it too laughable? I know I am not the only frustrated fan out there. But what’s this I hear? C-Clown has confirmed their comeback in 2014? YUUUS!!! The Kpop gods have granted my prayers! Here’s to hoping that C-Clown gets some proper recognition in 2014 because we fans already know that they got the music thing down.

EXID: The best rookie girl group of 2012 was largely absent from the 2013 music scene and I greatly missed their awesome music. These girls have the vocals to sing and in turn made one of the best Kpop albums of 2012, ‘Hippity Hop’. Don’t believe me? Listen to it. EXID left their mark on me from the very beginning and so I can only hope that these girls will come back with another album in 2014 and bigger than ever too.

Rain: Oh, you knew this was coming. One of the best things of 2013 had to be Rain being discharged from the military –like, finally. And now he’s having a comeback. Hallelujah! The king of Kpop has returned, the man who introduced me to this wonderful world in the first place. Thank you, Rain, thank you. Multiple throngs of girls including myself are waiting to hear that sultry voice of yours and let’s not forget the body rolling.

Girl’s Day: Yet again another group with a confirmed comeback in 2014. Girl’s Day did come out with music this year but I feel like it’s been awhile. 2013 was a good year for them; they got to be on the high tier of girl group status. They’re legit now thanks to their sudden turn to sexy concepts. It’s not that I don’t hate the sexy concept but I really did enjoy Girl’s day cute concepts because they knew how to do it right with their added elements of comedy. I honestly sorta miss that from them. But either way, I still love them. Their singles are catchy and I have always been a fan of Minah from the beginning ‘cause the girl’s got a voice and doesn’t need a drop dead gorgeous face to show for it.

Secret: This girl group had one comeback this year but honestly I didn’t dig the song or the album as much (but still, a pretty cute video). Come on, Secret! Bring back the ‘Madonna’ and the ‘Poison’! Their ‘Poison’ album from last year was one of the best of Kpop 2012 and so I was expecting so much from them in 2013 only to be a bit disappointed. This does not stop my love for Secret though, they have the vocals and talents to succeed and they have shown this off before. Not to mention I miss my beautiful biases Sunhwa and Hyosung. So please, 2014, let Secret have their year!

Well that’s my top five, with many, MANY, other artists not included that I would have liked to add. Say what you’re looking forward to in 2014 and have a happy new year guys!


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