Music Picks [December 2013]

(*G.Na posing for InSyle magazine*)

December 2013

Despite the numerous amounts of Christmas jingles that came out this month (like, seriously, every music company came out with a Christmas song) there was still a few good non-Christmas-y songs to take note. Here they are:

1. G.Na ‘Mornin’ ft. Phantom-this has to be the best cover of a David Foster song in like ever. It’s fun, it’s sweet and it’s got the amazing voices of G.Na and Sanchez who are singing together for a second time now, which is all fine by me. Sanchez’s voice seriously reminds me of Michael Jackson’s at times which makes me love him all the more. The MV itself is pretty cool to watch as we see the process of an art piece coming together.

2. IU ‘Friday’– Here’s another perfect girl/guy collaboration – IU and Yi Jeong. Seriously, I love Yi Jeong’s voice in this but what’s up with him in the MV? Forever alone. Well, at least it’s nice to see model Jang Ki Yong show up in IU’s video again. Can I say that those two look so cute together?  beautiful voices and a sweet MV.

3. Son Dam Bi ‘Red Candle’-Son Dam Bi is gorgeous, but I am sure that has already been established in everyone’s mind. What do you expect from a girl from Pledis? This is a great bossa nova style song coupled with Dam Bi doing cool modern dance moves with her partner. Loved it.  The directing of this video was great, with a famous girl who’s lonesome on the inside. I feel like I never get to see enough of Dam Bi in the music scene, so I hope she will be making more returns frequently in the coming years because her music and MV’s are always interesting.

4. Boys Republic ‘L.I.U’ –Just a fun upbeat song that I couldn’t help but sing along to. The MV is simple enough of them filming themselves lip-synching to the words and having a blast while doing it. Here’s to hoping that this boy group can make more songs like these ‘cause I would totally be a fan!

5. Zion T. ‘Miss Kim’– His second album of the 2013 year, Zion T. decided he was going to go trot style. Though this album and song isn’t by any means as good as what he came out with earlier this year (well ,let’s face it, ‘Red Light’ is a hard album to follow up to) he still has the magic touch with his music and of course that voice as well. No one can get enough of this guy.

6. Monday Kiz ‘kiss’– Ok, when you look at this MV it practically is the same plot from K.Will’s ‘Please don’t’ MV except with even more attractive people playing the roles. But, let’s not focus on that, I was loving the song. With the harmonizing of voices and the chorus, Monday Kiz got me their attention. Too bad there was no actual album but this gives me a chance to check out their other stuff.

7. Brown Eyed Soul ‘You’ –Brown Eyed Soul is easily recognizable as a real R&B/ Soul group. After making music together for years, they are experts at this genre. It’s a nice song, but I think it was the MV that made me like it even more. Guys, it’s got Kim Young Kwang in it! I totally love that guy, and in this MV I have never seen him more attractive. I fell in love with him even more. Damn it. He plays a dude who sees his ex one day and is reminded of their misunderstood past. Aww, Young Kwang , why do you make me want to hug you?

8. Younha ‘Home’ (‘The Way Home’ movie ver.)-Here is another song I was able to like thanks to the MV. This song fit the movie well enough with the movie ‘The Way Home’ that I really wanted to watch it. Apparently this is based off of a true story but more than that it has actress Jeon Do Yeon in it, one of my faves. If you don’t already know, she is recognized as one of the best actresses in the world (I can say that, ‘cause she won Palm D’or for ‘Best Actress’ in 2007). But a good job to Younha as well, who has a great voice.

9. Cranfield ‘Papillon’– Loved the song but even more I am loving their album( great cover art too). If you get a chance, listen to it. It’s a light rock sound but just my type. Hope to hear more from this group in the coming years.

10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio ‘Shut up and dance’– I have already mentioned this song and album back in the ‘October Faves’ video and now Hyundai Card made a cool MV out of it with people at a bar spontaneously dancing to the chorus. Great song, great album; Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio is something to look forward to.

5 Other Faves:

Bigstar ‘Standing alone’– It’s like any other K-pop song but I still fall for it every time. Nice chorus from the boys who are handsomely moping around all lonely and stuff.

Swings ‘Bulldozer’-It’s not so much that I like the song, it’s more that I’m impressed. Not that I’ve ever underestimated Swings rapping skills but he just surprised me yet again in this song. From beginning to end he doesn’t take a breath. He goes hard. And his lyrics are no joke either; here’s a man who’s not afraid of saying anything.

B-Free X Optical Eyes XL ft. Fana ‘Nightmare’-a real eerie MV, if I say so myself. A women sees a gang beat up someone a couple times, does nothing about it, but is plagued by ‘nightmares’  by what she’s seen. And then comes the big knocking on the door. Oh snap, don’t open that door, girl!

Bad Trip ‘Rain drop’-This is a great rock song from start to finish and an interesting MV too. The bag gets bigger and bigger to the point that he has to drag it up the hill. I’m guessing the lyrics to this song correlate some heavy meanings.

Hologram Party ‘You can be a big star’ ft. Ganmijin, Take’M This is just another cool, catchy, electronic song. Hologram put out another song this month too but I like this one a bit more. The MV is nothing exciting but the song is certainly dance-worthy in a club somewhere.

Honorable Mention:

9Muses ‘Glue’– Not a bad song and MV. Loved the dance and outfits and I’m sure the guys enjoyed the bewbs being shown throughout. For me though, when it comes to this group, nothing beats their song ‘Ticket’ but this is still good.

Yong Junhyung ‘Flower’– a nicely filmed MV with a beginning that kinda reminds me of Justing Timberlake’s ‘TKO’ except this one has a headless Jun Hyung and endless amounts of flowers. It makes for a pretty set. The song and dance are nice too. Definitely check it out.


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