K-Boyz Roundup [Round 2]

And we’re here again for another edition. Let’s see what really caught my eye here the past few weeks:


1. Mino’s ‘total shock’ faces on ‘Winner TV’ (credit to onewomansubs)

Ha! I find Mino adorable more and more with each episode of Winner TV. He is definitely the funniest with his exaggerated expressions like these. Remember to watch the show on onewomansubs/winnersubs ’cause they are doing a fantastic job on the subs more so than Mnet. You may have to view it much later but it is totally worth it.

2. CL is a lucky woman


May be kinda old but I have to say, when I first saw the ‘Cl/Taeyang’ one I said: “I totally support this ship”. I don’t know how I didn’t think of it before, but those two would make one great couple. How cute are they? we need more pics of these two! Then within the next month or so CL took a pic with TOP lookin’ Doom Dada cool. Go on CL, your on a roll!

3. GD surprises Hyungdon as MBC’s best couple

These two were hilarious together on Infinity Challenge with their push-n-pull relationship and they deservedly won the award. GD comes in about 1:40. GD why are you so cool?

4. The debut of GOT7

Everyone was waiting for these boys to come out. SM already has EXO, YG has Winner (though they haven’t officially debuted yet), and now it was JYP’s turn in what will hopefully be the next big boy group for the company. The song is good, not great, but good enough for a debut song which makes me think there will be another MV pretty soon. I haven’t officially picked my bias here, though my eyes keep noticing Jackson (or I think that’s his name). Regardless, I will definitely be on the look out for them.

5. Royal Pirates look smexy in their new MV ‘Drawing the line’

Loving the song and MV here. And hey, look, it’s Brad from Busker Busker in there! I think I may like this better than their last song and I am totally looking forward to hearing their new album on the 28th. Yay!

6. What I’m listening to now: Brand New Music’s ‘You make me feel brand new’

You know my love for Brand New Music records, them and Amoeba Culture are possibly my favorite record labels out there when it comes R&B and Hip-hop music. Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, Bumkey, Phantom, and Kanto came together for this awesome song to ring in the new year. Brand New Music has especially grown more recognizable this past year but no matter what they still feel like family and it shows in the MV. Now, please put on a world tour or something!


1. Sung Joon in ‘I Need Romance 3’

Sung Joon? love him. Kim So Yeon? love her. Now they are in a drama together. Perfect. But to be honest with you, I have never been a big fan of the ‘I Need Romance’ series (gasp!). I know, it’s writing is good but something always irks me about the characters/actors. I dropped season one because of Kim Bum’s (still) poor acting. I dropped season two because they made the main character annoying and kinda desperate and I have fears that season three will follow that same course for So Yeon’s character, at least from what I saw of the preview trailers. Anyhow, it doesn’t hurt to watch the first episode at least and smile idiotically at Sung Joon. Let’s see what happens.

2. Yoo Ah In confirmed for new drama ‘Secret Love Affair’ with Kim Hee Ae

Oh yes! fangirl mode on! I love me some Yoo Ah In, he is soo…charismatic and on top of that a great actor for his age. It’s a noona romance (well, a love affair), which I am all on board for, especially since I love both actors. There’s two other reasons why this drama will probably work out well. One, supposedly it’s based off a Japanese drama which usually means a good quality story. Second, it has writer Jung Sung Joo, the same person who wrote ‘A Wife’s Credentials’ back in 2012 (a fantastic drama guys, if you’ve not seen it) which also had Kim Hee Ae in it. I’m totally excited for this one. Apparently it’s supposed to be ‘passionate’ and that just makes me giddy all the more. Come to me, Drama!

3. Kim Young Kwang & Lee Jong Suk in the movie ‘Hot Blooded Youth’ with Park Bo Young

Remember when I was gushing about Kim Young Kwang in the last ‘K-boyz update’? well now he is in this fabulous movie.

Holy crap, they look baaadaaass in this pic and it totally makes me want to watch the movie. But it was the trailer that had me sold:

Basically Park Bo Young is the bad girl leader who is totally crushin on womanizer Lee Jong Suk but he’s absolutely terrified of her, that, and because he knows bad boy leader Kim Young Kwang wants her. Meanwhile Jong Suk follows around the hot new chick at school, but he faces his first rejection by her; but that only intrigues him. Ooooh, romantic comedy and angst in an 80’s countryside highschool? count me in! Is it bad for me to want bad girl Bo Young to end up with bad boy Young Kwang? love the cast, love everything. Can’t wait.

All right guys, that just about sums it up for me here. Tell us your thoughts and what your most excited for! 2014 is already shaping up to be a good year.

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