Kim Woo Bin Love [Vol. 4]

Gee, Woo Bin just had to show up in even more pictures! this time he’s in High Cut in a bunch of pics. But I’ll just show my top 3 here:

Just lounging about on a bed…without a mattress.

Oh no! don’t stare at me like that Woo Bin! with your smirk-and-sex-eyes.

His smile! I fall for it every time. I love how he can do a sexy look in the previous picture and cute one in this.

See the rest of the pics here

There are a couple vids from the SBS Drama awards last month and one from Mnet:

In this one, Woo Bin is presenting and has to hand the award for best couple to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Awkward! he says a bitter ‘congratulations’ to them and they all laugh. In all honesty though, Woo Bin later says he was really happy that they won the award.

Here, Woo Bin imitates Young Do as ‘Heirs’ is being shown on screen. Too cute. Even now he remembers those lines. It ‘s towards the end of the video.

And finally, in what probably made Woo Bin’s year, GD, the man he fanboys over, gave him a surprise call:

He is too adorable, people! GD and Woo Bin?! what more is there? though it feels weird that GD is the Hyung here but Woo Bin doesn’t hold back at all in saying it and he laughs in joy when GD calls him Woo Bin Ah. His ‘I love you’ at the end was sweet and he was practically glowing when he hung up the phone. The baby sound effects were perfect. Haha! I would be the exact same way…









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