Thirty Picks: 2013

Only songs with MVs apply and the artist/group cannot show up twice. There are waaay more songs that should have been on this list, but for now, I’m pretty satisfied with this.

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1. 2pm ‘ADTOY’: Great comeback song, turned out to be one of the best of the year. Possibly their best song ever with an mv that shows sexy chair dancing.

2. Mblaq ‘Smoky girl’: Another hit from the boys, there is just no stopping them. I can always count on MBLAQ for making good K-pop songs and this has to be one of their best. Addictive. Mir’s rap is awesome in this.

3. TOP ‘Doom dada’: A single that came out towards the end of the year, TOP came out with a song and mv that blew everyone away and reminded us that other K-pop rappers couldn’t even compare. And one song was all it took.

4. Sunmi  ‘24 hours’: Great video and song. I don’t think anyone saw this coming but Sunmi made a real hit this year and only needed one song to prove it.

5. BTS ‘We are bulletproof pt 2’: Bangtan Boys came straight out the gate as the best rookies of 2014. They may be another rap group but, come on, they are goooood. This song still remains my favorite from the group so far.

6. Exo ‘Growl’: Exo has come to the if-ever-we-made-a-bad-song-it’d-still-be-a-hit status. That was pretty much solidified with their comeback this year. I wasn’t a fan of ‘Wolf’ but ‘Growl’ hit the spot with an awesome dancing mv.

7. Miss A ‘Hush’: They have to be one of my top five favorite girl groups in the industry and so I was looking forward to their comeback. Sexy song, sexy mv, love it, love it.

8. GD ‘Who you?’: It’s funny that out of all of GD’s songs with big production costs this year it was the song and mv with probably the least amount of money spent that really became my favorite.

9. Infinite H ‘Without you’ ft. Zion. T: I think people have nearly forgotten about this one because it came out really early in 2013, but this song is still bangin’. This subgroup may just be on par with GD&TOP as best K-pop duo, especially since they have Zion. T featuring in their song.

10. 4Minute ‘Is it poppin’: Another example of a song that was probably not expected to be a hit but totally won me over. This is my favorite 4Minute song now. And can I just say that every member in this mv is stunning? Especially Hyuna, with the black hair. A nice surprise to me though is that many other people included this song as one of their favorites this year.

11. Shinhwa ‘This Love’: Looking fabulous in this vogue-esque mv to another addictive song of theirs.

12. History ‘Dreamer’: Here’s another song and group that got lost in the shuffle this year but totally deserves proper recognition. The boys’ harmonies are perfect and the song was different from any boy band that came out this year. I was sold from their very first video.

13. Ladies code ‘Hate you’: Love the style of the mv and the song, though repetitive, still managed to get stuck in my head. Ladies Code is definitely my favorite girl rookie group and this song so far is my favorite of theirs.

14. Wonder Boyz ‘Tarzan’: I believe this mv still doesn’t have a million views which is blasphemy considering how addictive this song is!

15. Mr.Mr ‘Do you feel me’: Just a pure good pop song. It’s not even amazing, its mv is nothing special, but for some reason it all worked. I love this song, and though it may not be different or great like the other groups try to do with their music, Mr.Mr can still turn a normal pop song into something  good.

16. Dynamic Duo ‘Baaam’ft. Muzie: Right out the gate I knew I was gonna love this song. Dynamic duo is one of the best in hip-hop hands down for me and this song made me love them all over again.

17. Swings ‘Would you’ft. Seo In Guk: Swings did such a great job this year. Considering I was never much a Swings fan prior, in 2013 he completely changed my mind. I love this guy now; his flow and rapping skills are epic and I look forward to a new year of his music.

18. Mayson The Soul ‘Holiday’ ft. Beenzino: I wasn’t expecting much but this guy blew me away the moment he sang his first words. And with Beenzino’s cool rap it all comes together to make one of the top 10 songs this year (if ever I had to make a top 10).

19. Rhythm Power ‘Bond girl’ ft. Zion. T: A fun song and mv to dance to and again, you can’t go wrong with Zion. T in your song.

20. Gaeko ‘Rhythm is life’: Gaeko’s the man. He’s so good at making music like this that makes you wanna dance or bob your head. This is no exception. His rapping is great here.

21. Verbal Jint ‘If it ain’t love’ft. Ailee: Verbal Jint came out with several hits this year and I loved every single one of them but if I had to pick one  then ‘If it ain’t love’ would be it. Verbal jint and Ailee make a good musical duo and the oldies 60’s mv is a nice watch too. Favorite line of course is a spin on Ailee’s song:  ‘heaven, heaven, heaven – I’m not your heaven’.

22. Miss $ ‘You were not the…’: A nice mv with an even greater song. These girls may be a rap group but their harmonizing voices are great too with that lovely chorus.

23. Zion. T ‘Two melodies’ ft. Crush: What would this list be complete without the man himself? Actually his other songs on the album are my favorites but since I can only choose songs with mv’s here, I chose this one. Two beautiful voices by Zion. T and Crush just cannot be topped.

24. Choiza ‘Going down’: The other half of Dynamic Duo also came out with his own single and it was beautiful. Not only a great mv to look at but the tone of the music fit it so well with its eeriness.

25. Rhythmking ‘Think about you’ ft. Bumkey, Yenny, Shorry J: Pure R&B goodness that I can listen to over and over again. Bumkey featured in a lot of songs this year and even came out with his own stuff that should have very well been on this list but there was no way I was going to replace this particular song.

26. WHOwho ‘Her’: Maybe a repetitive song but it’s still sooo good and addictive. This band is tied in with Glen Check which is no surprise there since it definitely has that Glen Check quality. Looking forward to more awesome music by them.

27. Smells ‘Up and down’ ft. Son Seung Yeon: Another repetitive chorus but who the heck cares? This song is awesome. This is a song you dance in the club to and go all out. Just like the people in this mv did.

28. Bebop ‘Maem Maem’ ft. Humming Urban Stereo: Bebop and Humming Urban Stereo have collaborated  before so it’s no surprise here that they reunited again, and still managed to make an awesome electronic song.

29. Small O ‘That will fall’: There is too little attention to this song and this band. Oh Joo Hwan, the vocalist of one of my favorite indie bands, Eastern Sidekick, is lead singer in this folk band too and does a tremendous job at it.

30. Yukari ‘Marginal man’: Though her album came out in 2012 this song is still remains one of the best. It’s the type of song you listen to when you’re driving home at night and you see the city lights. Beautiful.

Tell us if any of these were your top picks for 2013!


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