Top 12 Favorite MV’s Of 2013

There were a lot of good mv’s this year but the ones that I have here turned out to be the ones that are not as popular with the exception of a couple. Still though, I enjoyed every one of them and wish I could have added more.

1. Lee Jung Hyun ‘V’: Probably the best mv of the year. Horror mixed in with comedy featuring actor Jin Goo and directing from Park Chan Wook. The costumes, the dancing, and Lee Jung Hyun herself; everything was perfect.

2. Jang Kiha And The Faces ‘I almost had it’: Another mv that deserves to be one of the best of the year. It is a brilliant idea too, that I don’t think I’ve seen in any mv: A video that makes you hungry. And that ending! Nooo!

3. YB ‘Mystery’: Love the beard, love the style, and the song. Looks very Wes Anderson like and all the more enjoyable.

4. My Q ‘Live forever’: Speaking of movies and directors this one looks like it was taken out of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’. And yes, that is model Do Sang Woo playing ‘TheHottie’, ha! If this was an actual drama I’d watch it.

5.Im Chang Jung ‘Open the door’: It may be debatable to some if this is better than Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ but for me this was a more hilarious video. Countless of cameos including U-Kiss, are seen throughout the mv and Im Chang Jung’s stare makes the world a better place.

6.Sunny Hill ‘Love actually’: Absolutely hilarious video. I love girl groups that can do comedy in their mv’s but then again, Sunny Hill has always made great mvs. A surprise cameo by Kwanghee make this video even more priceless.

7.Top ‘Doom dada’: On the surface you may not know what the heck is going on but trust me, this mv goes deep into symbolism. Dadaism, surrealism, and other art forms are represented here as well as scenes of human evolution that ends with a big bang. A truly remarkable mv.

8. IU ‘The red shoes’: Whether you liked the song or not you have to agree that this is great mv. Love their interpretation of the red shoes tale here coupled with the 20’s France setting. Then you got models Jang Ki Yong and Fhi Fan in there looking gorgeous; how could you not like what your seeing?

9. Exo ‘Growl’: If there was one dancing mv this year that got the most attention then this mv would be it. Perhaps it’s not the greatest mv, but you couldn’t look away from it. A single shot take of the boys dancing to their song made them look oh so cool.

10. MFBTY ‘Sweet dream’: A weird-but good mv about a dead Drunken Tiger who get’s resurrected by Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy. Or is this just a dream? Great visuals here for an awesome club song and Yoon Mi Rae slays everyone away with her rapping.

11. Cho Yong Pil ‘Hello’: I admit, I haven’t even listened to this song much, or watched the mv repeatedly either, but I know enough that this is a great mv. A boy crushes on the girl next door and turns into model James Lee Mcquown (aka the ‘Korean Jesus’ as people like to call him). No complaints here.

12. Jung In ‘Those obvious words’: Compared to the mvs on this list, this one is pretty tame. Nothing extraordinary here, but for some reason I am so drawn into it. It’s beautiful. I guess the way it was shot made it that way. And I never thought Tiger JK could look so handsome as he does in this mv. Yoon Mi Rae, you are one lucky woman.

Tell us if your favorite mv made the list! or what do you think of ours?


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