Top 6 Favorite Albums Of 2013

It has to be said that 2013 was an amaaaazing year for K-indie music. Seriously, there were albums upon albums of fantastic Korean indie music this year (more so than the K-pop albums) that most of them couldn’t be on this list ‘cause I still think I should listen to them more. The ones below however, are the albums I’ve listened to most throughout the year, the ones that I have fallen for and keep wanting more and more from. Click the links below if you wanna hear or buy the music.

1. Zion. T  ‘Red light’

The album that everybody has on their list; this was a no brainer for me. It’s a a new year and I am still listening to his album. It deserves every good credit it is given because it’s absolutely amazing. Zion T. has the skills and a voice like no other. I had high hopes for this album when it first came out and he exceeded them; that takes some serious talent.

YT Playlist (credit to Babo Park)


3 Favorites:  O, Neon, Global warming ft. YDG (video below)

2. Jinbo ‘Fantasy’

Jinbo’s album was another one I had high hopes for and boy did he reach them and more. His last album ‘Afterwork’ was already a piece of art and even his mixtape ‘KRNB’ was remixed/cover song magic that I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if he could make another hit album for me. But he did. Damn it, Jinbo, why are you soo friggin amazing!! I don’t understand why this guy is not mainstream (like Zion.T) because this guy is pure talent through and through. That’s okay though, me, his fans, and the critics, who all love this guy, we’ll keep him as our secret.

YT Playlist (credit to Babo Park)


3 Favorites: Fantasy, Traumatic ft. Jet 2, It’s over ft. Swings (video below)

3. Mayson The Soul ‘Jackasoul’

This guys just blew up on my radar with his song ‘Holiday’ and then when I went to listen to the album I just about wanted to cry out for thanks. Here’s another artist with a great voice and an awesome sense of style for his music. I-cannot-wait-for-more.

(Album not uploaded on YT)


3 Favorites: Lost, Cry ft. Jin Doggae, Holiday (video below)

4. Small O ‘That will fall’

The cool thing about Eastern Sidekick is that all the members play in different bands. This is why their music sounds so cool because their backgrounds are so varying. For Small O you have three of the Eastern Sidekick members playing: vocalist Joo Hwan, bassist Sang Hwan, and guitarist Han Kyul. Just when I thought there wasn’t enough folk/folk rock bands in Korea then this band comes along and sweeps me away. Their music is absolutely mesmerizing, like it belongs in a movie soundtrack. Beautiful. Don’t know why it didn’t get any love, ‘cause this was fantastic to me.

YT Playlist (credit to pugzy95)


3 Favorites: Magi, Landscape of a circular railway, That will fall (video below)

5. Fromm ‘Arrival’

I’ve listened to these songs over and over again. I swear to god that every song is good. How the heck did she do it?! She made each song like a hit. The best thing is, she didn’t even have a music video out and little to no promotion. She just released the album, and now everyone is praising her. Now that’s how you do it! your music speaks for itself and you don’t bother with mvs ? You’re just talented like that. Thanks, Fromm, for creating such a lovely album.

YT Playlist


3 Favorites: You and I, Moon says, Arrival (video below)

6. Cranfield ‘A night’s band’

The reason why this list is a Top 6 and not a Top 5 is because I wanted to add one more bonus to the five that I have so far. Now, there could have been many other great albums in this slot this year but for some reason I really enjoyed Cranfield’s album. It’s sort of Beatles-like in some ways, light rock n roll feels that make you bob your head. I’ve listened to it enough times that it seemed unfair not to mention it. Cranfield, I hope to hear more from you in the future!

(No YT Playlist) Playlist on Bandcamp


3 Favorites: Sandcastle, Tail,  Papillion (video below)

Wow, looking at this list, I’ve just realized how super amazing the cover art for all these albums are! And there will be more to come, people! Sometime in February, the complete list of approved K-Pop and K-Indie albums of 2013 will be seen on the ‘Best Albums List 2013’ page on our blog. So look forward to hearing more awesome music from this past year. Thanks for checking out this list and let us know what your favorite albums of 2013 were!


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