Music Picks [January 2014]


1. Rain ‘30 Sexy’: I would have to say that Rain’s comeback was one of the highlights of the month and I expected it to be. I love his style of music, his voice, his dancing and ‘30 Sexy’ just added on to his sexiness. I can safely and happily call Rain ‘oppa’, which is saying something in the Kpop world, where most Idols were born in the 90’s. Boo hoo. But Rain reminds us all that you can be never too old for Kpop and in his case, still look good and successful in your thirties.

2. AOA ‘Miniskirt’: There is this trend I like to call ‘The butt trend’ that has been happening these past months among girl groups. It’s arguable who started it but it’s pretty clear that this month was all about the tail wagging to the point that it’s kinda embarrassing (Dal Shabet, Rainbow,Girl’s Day, to name the others).  All that aside however, AOA’s song is addictively good;  I’ve listened to it repeatedly throughout the month, and I have to admit too, it pulls off the sexy in the video with the cool zip up dress slips. AOA was never much on my radar before but ever since their single ‘Confused’ came out I have been loving this group more and more.

3. Spica ‘You don’t love me’: On the other side of girl groups shaking their stuff, Spica pretty much paraodized the trend by wearing large butt pads to poke fun at. I don’t know if Lee Hyori thought of this but I thought this was still pretty cool that these girls were aware that this butt thing was going on and thought it was ridiculous. I must say, I love all the outfits and even the hair that the girl’s are wearing and in turn they came out to be the sexiest group this month without even having to try hard, or doing lots of butt shaking for that matter. Don’t even get me started on their voices, I just love their vocals and the song is a 60’s throwback goody. Please be more recognized Spica, please!

4. Mamamoo ‘Don’t be happy’: A surprise debut with a surprise reaction by me and many others, I am sure. Are they an idol group? They can’t be, with those voices, dang. Plus, they are singing with Bumkey which makes me think this is not an idol group but a R&B group so I am categorizing them in the Hiphop/R&B section of this list. The music is amazing, they look amazing. More! more! And what a cool ending where they introduce the girls to a song that could’ve come out of The Triplets of Belleville.

5. Air Plane ‘How R U?’: So far, I think this may be my favorite song from them. Just a good addictive chorus I can sing and dance to. This is another song too I’ve been listening to all month.

6. Verbal Jint, San E, Bumkey, Swings, Phantom, Kanto ‘You make me feel brand new’: The guys at Brand New Music got together to make a bumpin song for the new year. I love Brand New Music not only for their music but because to me they seem to be really close like family and love their fans the most, and watching this mv proved that to me. I love the cover chorus here that’s sung by Sanchez at one end and Bumkey at the other as well as Verbal Jint’s and Swings amazing rapping. Just a fun song and mv for us fans.

7. Gary ‘Zotto Mola’: It wasn’t until the second time I heard this song did I really get into it, and now I really love it. Seeing Gary’s face in an mv though is sort of weird for me, I can’t take his face seriously since I know how he is on Running Man. But still, this guy’s got an eye for Hiphop. What peeves me though is that in the comments section there are some really delusional Monday Couple fans that think this song is about Ji Hyo. Uuuh no. Not every song Gary makes is going to be about her.

8. Okasian ‘Damn thing funny’ ft. Paloalto: I’ve been keeping an eye on Okasian for a while and am glad I was able to catch this song. It may not be much but I can’t help but repeat this song and then when Paloalto comes in he blows me away. HILITE records has this darker element to their music which I like and Okasian definitely brought that with this song.

9. Afrodino ‘Pepporoni’: What an adorable song. Seriously, who thought there would be a song about loving pepperoni pizza? It would seem ludicrous but the song itself is actually really good and a pleasure to listen to. The type of song you listen to when you’re in a sunny mood.

10. Royal Pirates ‘Drawing the line’: So far, my favorite Royal Pirates song. Not only a great song and chorus but I’m really loving the mv; it might just be the best mv this month. It shows the members in the showbiz world where things are fake and sometimes its hard to ‘draw the line’ on what’s fake and what’s real. Seeing Brad from Busker Busker in the end was a nice surprise.

5 Other Faves:

1. GOT7 ‘Girls, girls, girls’: Honestly, this isn’t the greatest song in the world but for a debut song, I’d say it’s still successful. Heck, I even know some of their names now and if a video can make you do that then I’m sure they’ve gotten everyone’s attention.

2. Eric Nam/ Boa (of Spica) cover ‘Say something’: Just a beautiful cover song. Their voices complement each other so well and both are great singers. I’ve always loved Boa’s voice and in here she saaaangs. The mv isn’t much to look, in fact, the projected images on the wall are kinda distracting but the song is still great for the ears.

3. Gary ‘Shower later’ ft. Bumkey: I’m pretty sure you know why I did not put this on the main list. First off, this is a great song; anything with Bumkey I’m likely to love which was reason enough for the song to make it here. The mv however…no. Was this supposed to be a joke? It has to be right? Even so, as a women I still can’t help but be a little offended by it. Look, I get that Gary is a guy, of course he’s gonna have hot babes up in his video but the way they were shown was…woah, too over the top. There is nothing wrong with a woman being sexy but there is something wrong with a woman being trashy. Boobs are jiggling, hands are going around phallic objects, water is being sprayed. I can’t help but laugh. And not in a good way.

4. Giriboy ‘Special’: Giriboy came back with an album this month and ‘Special’ was one of the better songs. It’s slow but seductive and makes for a nice listen. Not exactly sure about the mv. He drags the dead girl back and forth; why? And at some point tries to stuff her whole body in a duffle bag. Yeah, that’s gonna work…

5. Fromm ‘You and I’ (Onstage recording): Yay! Finally Fromm was featured on Naver’s Onstage recording and one of the songs she did is perhaps my favorite song on her album ‘You and I’. It’s a slow song but oh so beautiful.

Tell us below what your favorite songs on January 2014 were!


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