K-Girlz Roundup [Round 1]

Finally, the first edition to the K-Girlz Roundup! If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve already spewed out a couple of the K-Boyz Roundups to reveal my latest obsessions but I love the girls too! so below is what I am most excited about from the girls these past weeks.


Listening/watching: Ga In ‘Truth Or Dare’

Loving the mv. If you don’t know already, I think Ga In is the sexiest idol, she exudes sex appeal and she has such a cool personality. The mv is all about the ‘truth’ about Ga In and whats being said about her. She sings about how it all doesn’t matter and ends it perfectly by saying that the moment she steps out of the house, she’s acting. Love you Ga In!

Sunmi Comeback

It’s official, Sunmi is coming back with a mini album February 17! After making a real hit last year with ’24 Hours’ (one of my favorite songs of 2013, for sure) everyone seemed disappointed that there was no album but thank the heavens, ’cause that’s all changed.  JYP is on a roll lately for this starting new year; he had GOT7 debut last month and now Sunmi this month. What will March bring from JYP? doesn’t matter, as long as he’s going at this pace then I’ll be a very happy fan.


Kim Yoo Jung is stunning in Allure magazine:

Look at all that pretty. Like seriously, the girl is 14 and she looks like a goddess. She is jaw dropping gorgeous in these pictures and I can tell by that face alone she’s gonna have a loooong career ahead of her.

I want to watch this: Miss Granny

Right now, Miss Granny is the number one movie in Korea and the trailer totally has me seeing why.The movie features actress Shim Eun Kyung who got fame from the super popular movie Sunny (2011) which is seriously one of the best Korean films you could ever watch (I’m serious, people, like top 10 for me). The basic plot  is about a grandma who suddenly ages backwards to her twenty year old self and tries to take advantage of her new life. In the process she grabs the attention of three men: her old-aged husband, a hottie PD (played by non other than hottie Lee Jin Wook), and (gasp!) her own grandson (played by B1A4 idol hottie Jin Young). Lee Jin Wook is the guy with the wine glass asking “what type of man do you like?” and spits out his wine when he hears her say “as long as he’s good in bed.” Haha.

I want to watch this too: Monster

Oh snap! that poster! I could have very well put this movie on the K-Boyz roundup because it features one of my favorite actors Lee Min Ki but when I saw this poster of Kim Go Eun I was sold to watch this movie by the poster alone. Kim Go Eun is a newbie actress but has already made a name for herself by winning a bunch of awards from her first film ‘Eungyo’ (I still wanna watch that one). In monster, it looks like she is giving another stellar performance (and what a great screamer too, judging by the teaser). Monster is about Lee Min Ki, a serial killer, who eventually kills Go Eun’s younger sister. Go Eun herself, who not exactly right in the head, plans to kill Min Ki for vengeance. So it’s psychopath vs. psychopath? heck yeah, sign me up for that! The movie should be coming out in Korea sometime next month. (sorry, no engligh translations in the teaser)

So, tell us what your looking forward to! or what you’ve been loving from the girls recently!


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