Kim Woo Bin Love [Vol.5]

In W Magazine: I’m guessing the theme here is that he’s a flower in the desert? yes? works for me…

The brows in this one…oh la la.

In The Star Magazine: Love the dark concept with the vivid blue colors…

The brooding Woo Bin, just what I like.

His face looks way too perfect here. what?!

Waiting for: Woo Bin on Running Man (Australia special)

I can’t wait to watch this episode. There are already videos and pictures circulating of the cast of Running Man in Australia and it looks super exciting. All I gotta say is-Rain and Woo Bin?! what more can a girl ask for? even if this episode turned out to be boring, the eye candy alone would still be worth it. Based on some pics it seems I can look forward to more Kwangsoo/Woobin moments. The long-legged-but-awkward-pairing. Love it.

Woo Bin already set for another movie

This is already old news (like last month) but I didn’t have enough news/pics to do another Woo Bin Love edition for last month.

Both Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo are set to star in the heist film “The Professionals”. Woo Bin plays the heist leader, Hyun Woo the genius hacker (seems like a perfect role for him). I’m not sure how I feel about heist films but i’m just praying there will be a good story line here. Still though, can’t wait to see these two young ‘it’ boys on screen together.



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