Music Picks [February 2014]


1. B.A.P ‘1004 (Angel)’-Kind of sounds like an Infinite song, right? Either way, after a couple of listens I have really taken a liking to this song though the mv is honestly a bit of a bore (sorry, Himchan). There were however, some great dance moves here.

2. BTS ‘Boy In Love’– When BTS came out with that amaaazing first teaser for the ‘Skool Luv Affair’ album, my expectations were high for the comeback, then again, they were always high whenever it comes to this band. The song did not let me down; BTS has this powerful force about them that you can literally see onscreen with their rapping and dancing. The mv was kinda funny at moments though, like dang, why are you all physically abusing this girl? That is not attractive.

3. Sunmi ‘Full Moon’-Love the style of the mv. Vampire themes have been done in K-Pop before but this was done right. The colors, the sets, the dancing were all beautiful and the song itself has pretty much solidified Sunmi as one of the top K-Pop acts. Just think, anytime she has a song coming out, there is now going to be big hype and anticipation. Sunmi has gone straight to the top with just two singles; amazing. The one peeve in this mv however is that butt gyrating/twerking thing; it did not fit the mv’s theme at all! I mean, how many vampires do we know of are gyrating their butts?

4. Ga In ‘Truth Or Dare’-Oh, Ga In, I can always look forward to your videos because they always have a message, a message that no other K-Pop girl group or singer (Other than IU, but those two are good friends) is bothering to interpret. If you don’t already know, my love for Ga In is eternal, she’s sexy, she’s got a voice, and she’s got depth in her music. This time around the mockumentary mv had all her close acquaintances talking trash about her; from Jo Kwon, her Brown Eyed Girl’s members, and IU, it’s a hilarious and creative tie in to what the song is about-the more you talk, the more attention she gets, and she’s not gonna care about you regardless. Even if Ga In was a diva in real life , I’d still love her. There is some comparison to Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ but if anything, that’s what makes me like the song more. Love the dancing here with Ga In and her handy male backup dancers.

5. Speed ‘Why I’m not’– Totally unexpected for me. That beginning part of the video almost made me want to stop and click on something else but thank goodness I stayed on ‘cause when that song stared, it was on! I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this song in the past month, but I am loving it every time. The harmonies are great but the rapping is even more impressive. I’ve never paid much attention to Speed before, but they caught my attention after this song. The mv is basic with the ever unattainable female ignoring her Speed suitors as they dance around her. Still though, that song makes up for it.

6. Boys Republic ‘Video Game’– I loved their last song ‘L.I.U’, it was cute poppy fun and made me an official fan of this group. I however, was not expecting this style at all; and I am so glad. ‘Video Game’ may be one of those high tempo pop songs but it works out well. The harmonizing amongst the boys is fantastic and the fierce rapping/singing just made me see these guys in a whole new light. This is a good thing; I think the group has really found their groove with this song and I only hope they realized it. If there were only a way for more people to see their videos…

7. Soyu X Junggigo ‘Some’  I am a huge Junggigo fan and I’ve loved all his albums. So, when he collaborated with one of the singers from one of my favorite girl groups, it was like a match made in heaven. Love the R&B sound, Soyu’s voice, and most definitely Junggigo; I hope he gets more recognition after this hit song. The MV however, despite having Dasom and Baro in it, manages to be uninteresting.

8. Mamamoo X K.Will, Whee Sung ‘Peppermint Chocolate’-Rookie girls Mamamoo is on a roll and I don’t even want to stop them. If they are going to continue making music like this then call me a permanent fan. Even better, the vocals of K.Will and Whee Sung make this song one sweet deal.

9. Brown Eyed Soul ‘Pass Me By’– I’ve really gone into Brown Eyed Soul lately and when they came out with this song and mv I fell even more in love. Their voices are pure Boyz II Men heaven and the lyrics about breakups and heartaches are beautifully put. The mv itself was just as amazing. It simply shows shots of various things within a frame but for some reason it all looks beautifull.  It must have some sort of underlining symbolism or storyline,  I’m sure.

10. Park Ji Yoon ‘Inner Space’– A simple song with a simple video. Park Ji Yoon seems in her element here with this electronic style song, not to mention she is beautiful. ‘Inner Space’ has a repetitive chorus but it sticks in your head nicely, and I don’t mind it at all. I hope to hear more of this style from her.

Quick comments:

TVXQ ‘Spellbound’: An okay song but dang, those backup girls killed it; they stole the show!

Ladies Code ‘So Wonderful’: I admit it sounds like the Wonder Girls (not a bad comparison)but at least my girls have resisted from falling under the latest butt dancing trends (please stay as you are girls!).

Girls Generation ‘Mr.Mr’: It started out with an interesting trailer and concept but then the song came out so-so and I’m not sure what the heck was happening in that mv.


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