Music Picks [March 2014]

1. 2ne1 ‘Come Back Home’:  Perhaps my favorite song on the album, ‘Come back home’ also sent a nice message through their futuristic mv about being out of touch in a relationship.

2. MBLAQ ‘Be A Man’: These guys just keep getting better and better and age fine like wine too. ‘Be a man’ seems to be this year’s ‘A.D.T.O.Y’ with a boy band really maturing their sound and turning into men. Dang though, I couldn’t help but see how grown Thunder was in this mv. Furthermore, Mir’s rapping is still one of the best. These boys will forever remain as one of my top K-pop bands.

3. Orange Caramel ‘Catellina’: Speaking of bands I love, here is another. Nana, lizzy, and Raina are my favorite members of After School so this subunit has always been an instant like for me especially with last years mv ‘Lipstick’ which was easily one of the best mv’s of 2013. Well, they did it again here, this time with a sushi themed mv. Say what? Who thinks of these concepts? It sounds silly when you think about it but I am already declaring this mv as one of best this year. The idea is so original and creative; the girls are mermaids set for sale, and in other scenes they are disguised as fish on rice sushi. The lyrics are great as well, singing about how they wish they were like a certain girl (here, it’s the octopus). ‘Lipstick’ is still the better song but ‘Catellina’ is definitely the better mv. I can’t wait to see what these girls do next.

4. 4Minute ‘Watcha Doin’ Today?’: The song is great. HyunA looks absolutely great in this. The mv is colorful and fun but I couldn’t help but feel it was kind of odd at parts too. I mean, why is she sitting on a toilet with her pants down? I know this was supposed to be comical like the rest of the mv but I feel they really missed the mark on that one.

5. Troy ‘Green Light’: Oh yes, I was waiting for this one. You know me, I’m a big Brand New Music lover so this is an instant like for me even before I listened to it. When I actually did hear the song I fell for them immediately. Troy please come out with a full album! Bumkey’s voice? Godly. Kanto’s voice and rap? Sexy. Then you got the two newbies, incredibly fit Jae Woong and the charismatic Chang Woo, who really caught my eye the second time around. There better be another song soon.

6. Navi ‘Gone Too Far’: Digging the song, Navi’s voice is great as always,  but the editing and effects here are a nice to look at too. Why am I reminded of the opening credits of True Detective? Ah, well it does follow that same style, but I do love it.

7. Lee Seung Hwan ‘Things That Only Happen To Me’: It seems out of nowhere Lee Seung Hwan showed up and came out on top this month. This song is epic and it’s mv is eerily beautiful . Seung Hwan has definitely left his mark on me with this song and I would love to hear more.

8. Crucial Star ft. Sojin ‘Three Things I Want To Give You’: Crucial Star is one of my favorites, he can do all sorts of hip-hop songs and here he with Sojin doing a cute one. More than that though, I was more in love with the mv. The editing and effects here are a pleasure to watch with it’s use of circle frames and one dimensional people. I can always look forward to something new from Crucial Star.

9. Spacecowboy ‘Falling’ (orig. vers.)ft. Soul Dive: I love the part where it drops the beat and turns into electronic mode. I don’t know much about Spacecowboy but I am definitely interested.

10. Neon Bunny ‘It’s You’: At last! The return of one of the best electronic artists out there. I loved both her albums and I cannot wait for her upcoming one. ‘It’s you’ just proves once again how talented this girl is with its lively beats and lovely chorus. This song for sure has become one of my favorites from her.

Honorable Mention:

Super Junior M ‘Swing’: C’mon! the dancing alone in this mv is well worth the watch. Not only that, the songs message is very sweet; when your feeling down, don’t give up! This looks to be a great cheer up song.

Wings ‘Hair Short’: Duo group Wings debuted this month and made a great first impression with their mv. Despite its endless amount of color the story seems dark and it’s style reminded me of last years ‘V’ by Lee Jung Hyun. After a few listens the song really gets to you and it’s lyrics are great too; cutting their hair short after a break up. Looking forward to hearing more from this amazingly voiced duo.


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