Music Picks [April 2014]

This Month’s Top Ten Picks:

1. Jay Park ‘Metronome’ ft. Gray, Simon D: I love the Americanized feel of this song, but this is something that Jay Park is good at.  It is addictively good, thanks in part to Gray’s lovely voice as he sings the chorus and that rap by Simon D? Just epic. This just makes me realize that he needs to come out with another album soon.

2. BTS (Bangtan Boys) ‘Just One Day’: Personally my favorite song from the album, ‘Just One Day’ is in a different style then we are used to seeing from the fierce Bangtan Boys. But who cares ‘cause these boys pull it off well, proving again that they can do any style with swagger.  A nice choreography in the video too.

3. & 4. Akdong Musician ‘200%’, ‘Melted’: There was no way I was going to choose between these two songs by the sibling duo. ‘200%’ is light, fun, and cute while ‘Melted’ is a beautiful ballad I can sing too. The videos themselves are also worth mentioning. ‘200%’ ends with a surprise and ‘Melted’ is wonderfully acted out by a group of foreigners. I can only hope that Akdong can get more fans from these videos ‘cause they certainly deserve it.

5. High4 ‘Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms’ ft. IU: IU is one of those great K-pop songwriters and I always say it’s a shame she doesn’t get more credit for it because she’s got the gift for making music and singing it (and acting too, apparently). High4 gives a nice blend to this sweet sounding song and I’ll definitely look out for them in the future.

6. Crush ‘Sometimes’: With a voice like Crush’ singing a song like ‘Sometimes’ is a piece of cake. It’s simple and groovy; not a great, outstanding song but it’s great to listen and jam to.

7. Zion. T ‘ Doop’ (Naver Onstage): I was super hyped that Zion. T was singing his songs on Naver’s Onstage YT channel this month. The song ‘Doop’ may have been an old song from last year’s ‘Red Light’ Album (and my pick of one of the best albums of 2013) but this new jazzy version was on a whole different level. When Zion. T sings ‘It’s sooo goood’ in that high pitched tone-I just about fangirled.

8. & 9. Eddy Kim ‘The Manual’, ‘2 Years Apart’: Again, there was no choosing between these two songs. Eddy Kim just became one of my new favorite finds this month. His voice and guitar skills are a perfect combination for these two songs. ‘2 years apart’ is a more upbeat song about anxiously waiting to be discharged from military service to be with his girl, while ‘The Manual’ is a slower but beautiful tune about what else-love.

10. The Barberettes ‘Mr. Sandman’: This was the other great find this month, and the reason why I love Naver’s Onstage YT channel so much; you can always find new artists and different genres being sung by Koreans . The Barberettes are a trio of girls singing doo wop and I can imagine these past few months have been a whirlwind for them because apparently they also got to sing the OST for the drama ‘The Prime Minister And I’. It’s not hard to see their talent, especially in this cover song from The Chordettes. They sing this song perfectly. Come out with an album soon girls!!


Honorable Mention:

Block B ‘Jackpot’: Not so much for the song (personally I think it’s a bit of a mess) but the MV is a fun and creepy to watch, which is something you can always expect from this group. Plus it has actress Kim Sae Ron in it. Holy crap when did she grow up?!

Phonebooth ‘Jacklyn’: A fun song to rock out to and a fun mv too. Looking forward to more. This probably should have been on the top ten list itself.

JNS ‘Gonna B Late’: The buildup just kills you. A fantastic MV about various accidents that are about to happen, all done very slowly, and then the climax hits. What a great  idea for an MV.


Our Hearts Go Out to The Families And Friends Mourning The Sewol Ferry Tragedy. To those that lost their lives too soon, R.I.P.


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