Music Picks [May 2014]

iu pic

This Month’s 10 Picks:

Exo ‘Overdose’: Is this the best song and MV that Exo has ever done? No. But it still manages to be pretty catchy and cool with nice crotch filled dance moves.

IU ‘My Old Story’: I feel misty eyed by reading the lyrics alone: ‘If you hear this song, please come to me My dear, I’m waiting…Tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that I’ll wait forever’. IU sings this song beautifully (as well as with the rest of the album too) and it doesn’t hurt that the mv features actor Choi Woo Shik (He’s great on TEN).

WheeSung ‘Night & Day’: A catchy song but WheeSung’s voice is the highlight and Teen Top’s C.A.P looks dashingly good in this mv.

Kim Yeon Woo ‘Move’ ft. Park Kyung: Love the originality in this mv. There are corner walls that keep rotating as the models pose or walk in different positions. The song itself sounds groovy good.

P-Type ‘Timberland 6’: I love the lyrics here which all refer to the good ol’ 90’s hip-hop groups and artists accompanied by a cool 90’s hip-hop beat. I chose the Loen video ’cause they have the English translations.

E Sens ‘I’m Good’: E Sens appeared this month on Naver’s live stage and showed that despite the breakup of Supreme Team (sad face), he’s still got it going on. Other notable performances on this month’s Naver stage was rock band Wasted Johney’s and  the electronic band Love X Stereo.

Small O ‘74’: Small O made a comeback this month and out of their numerous videos they came out with ‘74’ definitely had the cooler mv and the song of course is great as well.

Life And Time ‘Tiger’: The debut of Life And Time really took me over this month and their debut song ‘Tiger’ was just the start of it. Real rock talent.

The Solutions ‘Movements’: The Solutions was another rock group that had a great comeback this month. ‘Movements’ is fresh, fun, and will easily have you singing along. Glad that their English has gotten better.

Fromm ‘ Runaway Bommatyi’: This is just a rough translation of the title song but it will have to do because any song by Fromm is worth listening to. This month she came out with another mv but this one seemed like she was having some real fun here. Love the filming style too.



Megan Lee 8 Dayz ft. Junhyung : Loving her voice and the song is good but Junhyung’s rap just seems out of place here.

Akdong Musician ‘Give Love’: Part 2 of the equally lovable ‘200%’ storyline and this time the ending is not so sad because (SPOILER) we find out that the other girl is actually the boy’s sister. Sweet.

Junggigo ‘Want U’ ft. Beenzino: Honestly I love Junggigo but this is not my favorite of his. Beenzino on the other hand can do no wrong. His rap in this was on point and the real highlight of the song.

Jin Doggae ‘Feeling’: Jin Doggae finally got his album out this month and ‘Feeling’ is a nice feel good song.

Pavlov ‘Get Wet’: Another great debut of a rock group this month and shall I say a rather interesting mv too?

The Barberettes ‘Little Gals’: So happy that The Barberettes got their album out. I’ve been their fan since they appeared on Naver’s live stage last month and have been looking up their Doo-wop videos ever since. ‘Little Gals’ shows off their vocal harmonies and talents with an oldies Korean feel.



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