K-Boyz Roundup [Round 3]

Well it’s  been…a while. So here’s a small update on what I’m looking forward to and am currently enjoying.


Winner’s Teaser ‘The Visitor‘: Holy #$^#^ this looks epic and amaaazing! now K-pop has a history of making amazing teasers whose mv’s are somewhat disappointing but with this teaser I can’t help but have high hopes.  Nonetheless I will still love the boys and their logo design is beautifully different from what I was expecting. Me like. And with rumors that Team B will be having their own show, I am nothing more than a happy YG fan. Check out the teaser below if you haven’t already:

C-Clown’s reality show ‘Crown The Clown’ : What hilarious fun these boys are. Honestly if you are looking for a replacement to History’s or Winner TV’s shows then this is it. C-Clown are hilarious and adorkable together and the cool editing by member Rome himself is just icing on the cake. Watch their short episodes below:



Teaser for Lee Jun Ki’s ‘Joseon Gunman’: Lee Jun Ki should just stay in the Joseon era – forever. He fits in so well in that setting that no one would complain if he never featured in a modern setting drama again. He was great in ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ (despite being a bit controlling at times) but this looks just as good. More than that it’s got Yu Oh Seong in it-seriously a fantastic actor. In a time when guns are quickly becoming the weapon of choice, Jun Ki’s character must put down his sword and become an expert gunman to protect his (who else) true love. See the action filled teaser below:


Movie trailer for Lee Jeong- Beom’s (‘The Man From Nowhere) new film ‘No Tears For The Dead’: Director Lee Jeon Beom who made the wildly popular ‘The Man From Nowhere’ is back again with ‘No Tears For The Dead’. It looks to follow much of the same story line except this time there’s a love line between the two mains. But hey, you can count on seeing plenty of action here and some cool slick shots that Jeong Beom is known for. Also yay for Kim Hin Hee for featuring in this film; I love that girl. Despite the odd English voice overlay the rest of the trailer looks awesome:


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