Music Picks [June 2014]

taeyang rise pic

This Month’s Ten Favorites

Taeyang ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’: Great comeback; actually this  and ‘Love you to death’ have to be my favorite songs from his new album. Love the dramatic climax of the picture catching fire and of course Taeyang’s smooth vocals.

GOT7 ‘A’: It’s not a bad song. I actually like this song (and mv, for that matter) more than ‘Girls, girls, girls’. So far though, this boy band hasn’t made their ‘it’ song for me.

Beast ‘No More’: I like the video concept here that has an Instagram look which made this mv much more refreshing and new. The song itself is pretty good. Their other mv ‘Good Luck’ is a nice one too.

4Minute ‘Thank You’: This song was on their previous album so this isn’t new but for some reason this mv made me like this song, and made me love 4minute a little more too.

AOA ‘Short Hair’: Ok I think it’s safe to say now that I’m an AOA fan. Ever since ‘Miniskirt’ (which to me still remains their best song) I have been liking this group more and more.  It’s the same sexy concept mv but that’s ok, the song can easily get stuck in your head.

Crush ‘Hug Me’ ft. Gaeko: Crush came out with his debut album ‘Crush on you’ and pretty much blew everyone away. The album is great, and ‘Hug Me’ is one of those great songs.

Mamamoo ‘Mr. Ambiguous’: The girls finally got their debut album out, yay! ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ proves to us again that these girls not only have amazing vocal talent but that they can make fun videos and show us some dance moves too.

2Bic ‘Walk Backward’: 2Bic made another hit for me with this song. Love it. And the mv is an interesting watch too. Still though, the voices of 2Bic are amazing and rise above all else.

Lena Park ‘Double Kiss’: A fun, dance worthy song. You put this song in the car and drive down to the beach with this song.

Thornapple ‘Ten Strangers’: So glad that Thornapple had a comeback this month with their new album ‘Abnormal Climate’. Though I am not so sure this is the literal translation title of the song, ‘Ten Strangers’ is a cool rock song with that distinct Thornapple style.


Psy ‘Hangover’ ft. Snoop Dogg: I loved this song and mv; more so than ‘Gentleman’ but Psy is so above and beyond Kpop to me that I didn’t want to put him on the main list. Plus most of the rapping was done by Snoop Dogg anyway.

Taeyang ‘1AM’: It’s a catchy song but the mv is worth a look with actress Min Hyo Rin all up on Taeyang’s body. Hey now.

Lowfeels ‘Oasis’: Good rocky-bluesy music perfectly paired with the lead singer’s raspy voice. This probably deserves to be on this month’s top ten.


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