Album Picks [First 1/2 Of 2014]

Already half the year is gone! to commemorate I’ve gathered a list of albums that I’ve really enjoyed that have come out in these past six months. Now, there are more albums I’m sure that I haven’t discovered yet, and some that I need to listen to a second and third time, but until then, check out these amazing artists:

Taeyang: Rise [R&B/Pop]

taeyang risealbum

Taeyang’s previous albums are okay but in this one Taeyang took it a step above and really shined. These pop tunes sound fresh and current and could easily be played on American radio. Taeyang is great at R&B and he keeps that gift going in this album.

Mamamoo: Hello [R&B/Pop]

mamamoo hello album

Mamamoo is my choice for best rookie girl group this year but at the same time I am not sure they are a K-Pop group to begin with. With great vocal talents and looks, Mamamoo has been nothing but professionals in their music that I can hardly believe they are rookies. Just a good fun time album.

Crush: Crush On You [R&B/Hip-Hop]

crush album

Finally Crush came out with his album and we were not dissapointed. With numerous collaborations from Lydia Paek to Jay Park to Zion. T, Crush’s smooth voice makes you want to groove.

Brown Eyed Soul: Thank Your Soul Side A [R&B/Soul]

browneyedsoul thank album

The music and voices of real soul and r&b. Brown Eyed Soul are masters in their genre.

Swings: Major Depression [Hip-Hop]

swings depression album

Love most of the songs here. Swings is one of the best rappers.

Squared: Summertrip [R&B]

squared summertrip cover

A cool r&b summer album.The music is laid back but a good listen. Squared produced everything himself down to the cover art. pretty impressive.

2Bic: Walk Backward [2nd Mini Album Repackage] [R&B]

2bic album

Again, like Brown Eyed Soul, 2Bic knows what their doing when it comes to r&b. Their voices are heavenly.

The Barberettes: The Barberettes Vol. 1 [Doo Wop]

thebarberettes album

50’s Doo Wop style mixed in with some 60’s Korea vibe. These trio of girls have beautiful voices that perfectly melt together. Perhaps not for everyone’s taste, but the Barberettes are undoubtedly talented.

Ironic Hue: For Melting Steel [Rock]

ironichue steel album

Making a comeback after several years, Ironic Hue does not disappoint.

Pavlov: 26 [Rock]

pavlov 26 album

Pavlov makes their debut album that doesn’t even sound like a debut. They seem like rock experts.

Small O: Temper Of Water [Rock/Folk]

small o temper album

Yay for the return of Small O! They have a distinctive folk-rock sound that few in Korea are doing which sets them apart from everyone else. A good follow up album.

Life & Time: The Great Deep [Rock]

lifeandtime greatdeep album

By the end of the year when I pick my top favorite albums of 2014, this album will be on there. No doubt. A rocking good album. I just found out that some of the members of this band are from their fellow labelmates The Koxx and Loro’s so that explains the talent.

Thornapple: Abnormal Climate [Rock]

thornapple abnormalclimate

Another good comeback album. Thornapple has a distinct rock sound as well that seems very ghostly. They are more laid back with their rock music but it’s something that I love hearing from these guys.

Thanks to all the Youtubers who provided these videos!


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