Music Picks [July 2014]

jyj backseeat

This Month’s Twelve Favorites

Yenny ‘Ain’t Nobody’: That MV! I was waiting for K-pop to do a free-style choreography and Yenny read my mind. Yenny dances beautifully and with passion and the song is fantastic as well.

HyunA ‘Red’: I stared at this whole mv thinking every second ‘how is she so beautiful?’ Seriously, she pulls off every look and every outfit. Her looking like Cleopatra is just stunning and I’m loving the song too.

JYJ ‘Backseat’: ‘Back-sit’ haha. I feel really bad for Yoochun’s  pronunciation which is probably getting a lot a laughs but c’mon the song itself was great. I, like many girls, was excited for their comeback and was not disappointed. Their dancing! Junsu’s voice! Straight up sexy.

Infinite ‘Back’: I honestly haven’t loved an Infinite song since ‘The Chaser’, but when they came back with ‘Back’ I was happy all over again. Loving the song.

B1A4 ‘Solo Day’: C’mon, that was a fun mv. The song isn’t that bad but I love the mv more.

Tiny G ‘Ice Baby’: I-Love-This-Mv! And this song! From the pillow choreography to the girls walking down in their hip-hop getups I was somehow reminded of 90’s R&B Girl groups; some TLC or even Destiny’s Child. That’s not a bad thing in my book. Tiny G just gets better with time and I have loved all their songs so far.

Fiestar ‘One More’: This song really grew on me, and now I love it. The mv is visually great to look at with the girls in their tight bright pants. Though why some of them are rolling around in a bathroom or laundry room is beyond me.

Red Velvet ‘Happiness’: I don’t know why some people hated this debut, I loved it! Sure they are emulating the f(X) style but the song is a fun listen and the mv is a colorful roller coaster. In my opinion this song was better than F(X) ‘Red Light’ that also came out this month.

Heyne ‘Red Lie’: Another great mv I loved (all the girl’s really killed it with their mv’s this month). I’ve always loved Heyne, she’s adorable, and she really won me over with this one. The scene where her boyfriend is seeing another woman which reads ‘Crime Scene’, ha! Love it.

Dynamic Duo X DJ Premier ‘Aeao’: Dynamic Duo can do no wrong. The song is addictive and inspiring.

Parc Jae Jung ‘Ice Ice Baby’ ft. Beenzino: I loved the song already but then Beenzino comes in and steals the show with his rap. Addictive song.

Clazziquai Project ‘Madly’: Another great mv with freestyle dancing. Yay! Loving the song too but that is expected from Clazziquai. This mv ties into their previous one ‘Love Satellite’.



Homme ‘It Girl’: love this song too. Yay for having some diverse women here.

Eddy Kim ‘Darling’: Another fun vid with some obvious sexual innuendos.

Planet Shiver ‘Sin’ ft. Navi: Cool electronic song and the fact that Navi is in it makes it even better.

Lucite Tokki ‘Let Me Dance’: Lucite Tokki collaborated with the movie ‘Frances Ha’ (a great movie by the way) to make this lovely song about being free and finally following dreams. Totally dance-worthy.


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