Music Picks [August 2014]

taemin cover

This Month’s Ten Favorites 

Taemin ‘Danger’– Michael Jackson groove. The song has grown on me but the dancing is great too just like everyone else was expecting. Taemin has that star power to go far and we will probably see more solo projects by him soon.

Jay park ‘So Good’– Another Michael Jackson influenced song (I ain’t complainin’). An average and lighthearted mv with the ever ubiquitous white girl but hey, the song and dance is too good to pass up.

BTS ‘Danger’– And another ‘Danger’ title. Last month was all about ‘Red’, this time it’s about ‘Danger’. Despite the title trends, BTS can do no wrong with their music or dance moves. And might I add they are growing mighty fine. Perv.

Winner ‘Empty’– Ah finally the debut of Winner has arrived after months of delays (but everyone was expecting that from YG). Empty is a great song in itself though I understand that many people were expecting a more high tempo debut. But Papa YG knows all: slow and steady wins the race. Their comeback will be even greater.

Mino ‘I’m Him’– Instead of ‘Color Ring’ which I put in the ‘noteworthy’ list down below and has that same slow tempo as ‘Empty’, I put Mino’s ‘I’m Him’ solo song since it’s more upbeat and fun. Seeing the boys of Winner put on their dog faces just reminds me how funny these guys are. (Winner TV needs to be brought back asap!).

Kara ‘Mama Mia’– I haven’t liked a Kara song since ‘Pandora’ and this may be one of their best songs yet. The new member seems to be settling in just fine and they all look stunningly gorgeous. I stand by my opinion that Kara may be the most beautiful girl group out there.

Ladies Code ‘Kiss Kiss’– This list would not be complete without mentioning Ladies Code. I was already planning to put this song on the list anyway, but with the tragedy that has struck this week, it proved necessary. ‘Kiss Kiss’ carries on that ‘Pretty Pretty’ vibe of their last video and dare I say has similarities to Orange Caramel (this is a good thing, there needs to be more fun and funny girl groups). To think that this was their last single together as five members still hasn’t sunk into me yet. I’ve stood by these girls since their debut and I’ve seen their potential since then and they can certainly become one of the greats. This cannot be the end! Ladies Code pull through! fighting!!

Orange Caramel ‘My Copycat’– An Orange Caramel video is automatically included on these lists. The song itself isn’t much to commend on and this mv isn’t their greatest either (‘Catallena’ and ‘Lipstick’ still holds that mark)but it is still quirky and original fun that you can never get bored with and heck, you end up singing along too.

Park Boram ft. Zico ‘Beautiful’– Loving the voice here. A very nice debut I must say. And having Zico feature in your song isn’t half bad either.

Spica ‘I did it’-Supposedly this is an ‘American’ debut but who cares about that. The song is a great listen with its jazzy influence and the English is thankfully discernible. I’ve always had a bias for Spica, so any song by them will get my attention.



Super Junior ‘Mamacita’– As expected from SJ this is a funny one  to watch and a pretty fun song too despite pronunciations of ‘Mama-shita’. But what does that matter to the fans  who forever love them? Thanks to Shindong, ‘Shut your tongue’ will now be the new SJ inspired catchphrase since ‘Sexy, free and single and ready to bingle’.

Kisum  ft. Risso ‘Like It’– I honestly don’t care for Kisum’s rapping but the chorus is great and makes the song as a whole likable.

Winner ‘Color Ring’– Honestly it was hard to decide whether this or ‘Empty’ was the better song. Both are great in their own way and could have easily been switched at the number four spot.

Ja Mezz ‘Wanna Get’– Feels like that old school hip-hop. Me like. The mv is a nice watch too with Ja Mezz hangin’ around a bunch of cool kids

Big Byung ‘Stress Come On’– Oh come on, don’t tell me you didn’t laugh or smile once while watching this. These eclectic group of boy idols come together to make a funny and low budget production with a chorus that is actually pretty catchy. Make sure to have the Eng. Subs on.



And finally, this month’s article is dedicated to the girls of Ladies Code who are suffering from a great tragedy this week with members EunB  and RiSe passing away from a fatal car accident. BE STRONG GIRLS! Stick together and you will be stronger than ever. R.I.P forever EunB and RiSe.  Below is a song of theirs that’s getting a lot of recognition at the moment and perhaps the most fitting song for a time like this.


ladiescode pic

RiSe & EunB are the two farthest left.


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