K-Drama Anticipation [October 2014]


Well, it looks like October is shaping up to be a good month for dramaland. Here’ s to hoping that at least one of these anticipated dramas has me entertained to the end.

Tomorrow Cantabile (KBS) (Oct. 13)

Of course I have to start off with the most popularly anticipated. Now the teasers and trailers look great but I think I can speak for everyone in saying we are all apprehensive on how the writing will be. Lets be real, this is from the same production company that brought us other J-drama remake atrocities. On the upside, I am glad this is replacing ‘Discovery Of Romance’ cause frankly, though well filmed and acted (though some of the characters are questionable), that drama needed to wrap up a loooong time ago.

Liar Game (TvN) (Oct. 2o)

Speaking of J-Drama remakes, here’s one that may actually work. Liar Game will be ten episodes (meaning there won’t be dead in the water episodes) and it’s on TvN which, for the most part, makes good quality dramas. Am I bitter that TvN just cut down ‘Surplus Princess’ to ten episodes? yes; but hell, maybe this show will make up for it.

Misaeng (TvN) (Oct. 17)

Maaan, do I have high expectations on this one. One- I’m a sucker for good office place dramas; I am still holding ‘King Of High School’ as one of the best this year. Two-the cast looks amazing. If you got Kang Ha Neul (in those cool glasses) and Kang So Ra in your drama you can bet i’m going to watch it. Three- since the original webtoon creator is  involved in show and writer Jung Yoon Jung (who wrote  ‘Arang And The Magistrate’ and ‘Monstar’) is writing the scripts, I can be rest assured that this will actually be good. Btw, I love how they did this teaser by having them slowly go crazy by the time its friday.

Bad Guys (OCN) (Oct. 4)

When the hell is OCN coming back with season three of ‘TEN’ (‘Special Affairs Team’)!? that season needed to come back like, yesterday. Joo Sang Wook hasn’t signed up for any dramas in 2015 yet and I’ve heard rumors that it may be coming back next year (please, pretty please!) so until then I guess this can hold me over.


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