Music Picks [September 2014]

puerkim pic

Puer Kim

This month’s  favorites:

Taemin ‘Ace’: Ok, technically this isn’t even the full song, but come ON! This is a great dancing mv! Taemin once again impresses with the moves and the little things he does like running his hands through his hair adds for a sexy personal touch. He enjoyed doing this, you can tell; and in turn we enjoy watching.

Spica.S ‘Give your love’: Always having a soft spot for the Spica girls, I really enjoyed the song. Not my favorite Spica related song ever but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Puer Kim ‘Bank’: Not only loving this song but the mv itself was a pleasure to watch. Quite creative.

John Park ‘U’: That voice! I can never get enough of his voice and this song in turn is awesome.

Verbal Jint ft. Eddy Kim ‘I smell autumn’: My man, Verbal Jint can do no wrong. The fact that he collaborated with Eddy Kim is like a dream come true. The mv matches the lyrics to this song beautifully. Two people reminded of their past relationships in different areas have become ghosts to each other.

Zion.T ‘Yanghwa BRDG’: Love the lyrics here of his family, the hard times of the past, and the better times of the present. Not my favorite Zion.T song but a lovely song nonetheless that’s very endearing and relatable.

Satbyeol ‘Woo baby’: Looove this song. Again, that 90’s R&B sound will always win me over. This is the type of song you play when you get your girlfriends together and just start cruisin’.

Clazziquai Project ‘Still by your side’: Oh, that ending! Love the song and a nice split screen type mv.



Troy ‘Why are we’: Ok, so it’s not the greatest mv, or my favorite Troy song; but I have a soft spot for Troy. This is still a catchy song and hearing Kanto’s deep voice as he raps and having to see Changwoo’s sexy self is enough for me.

Kim Jin Ho ‘People’: Ah, I love his voice; the song here is enjoyable as well.


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