Music Picks [October 2014]

red velvet be natural

Red Velvet

Top 10 Favorite MV/Songs This Month:

Red Velvet ‘Be Natural’: Love the dance and the way the camera moves around them. The girls have definitely got the moves and they look older and matured as does this song. Any dancing mv by SM will win me over.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) ‘War Of Harmone’: Just because I’m being biased. Honestly though, this is not a favorite song of mine but the mv is too cute to resist. They’re not acting cute but they are smiling, having  a good time, and they’re all dressed up nicely.

Super Junior ‘This Is Love’ & ‘Evanesce’ : These two songs were actually some of my favorites from their ‘Mamacita’ album so I was pleasantly surprised that they made mvs for them. SM seems to like the whole rotating camera idea because they’ve been using it a lot lately. Great dancing in both mvs.

Topp Dogg ‘Annie’: Fun throwback song with a simple video.

Epik High ‘Born Hater’ ft. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby: Mind you, it’s not so much the song I like but more the creativeness of the mv. A small shot of different bathroom stalls rapped by different rappers  each representing the deadly sins (With B.I as the white angel). Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, and Bobby all in the same video? I’m in.

Jay Park ‘Nana’ ft. Loco: Loved this song on his latest album. Not much of an mv but the song is worth it. Definitely the type of song you’d play at a party.

Rainstone ‘Rainstone’ (Brian McKnight, Verbal Jint, San E): How Brian McKnight ended up doing a collaboration with  Verbal Jint and San E, I don’t know, but I ain’t complaining. McKnight’s  voice in the chorus is great to listen to.

As One ‘For The Night’: Love the baby making music here with a sexy times mv. Some people may be complaining over the mv but it fits the song people! It’s about two people hooking up ‘for the night’. I’ve got no complaints watching Jaewoong half naked.

Lena Park ‘Sweet’ ft. Verbal Jint:  Verbal Jint has been all over this month, and I’m glad. The more of him the better. Nonetheless, ‘Sweet’ is a lovely song and Lena Park has a great voice.


Honorable Mention:

Crush ‘Sofa’: Not my favorite Crush song, since the ‘sofa’ part seems a bit of an odd fit but it’s a nice song nonetheless, and with Crush singing it he makes the song more enjoyable.

Seo In Young ‘Thinking Of You’ Ft. Zion.T: Two of the best come together. A nice enough song.

Hi Ni ‘Clutch Bag’: Liking the song but I get the feeling that Hi Ni does not like dancing-at all.

Almeng ‘Half An Hour’: A nice little song from their debut.

Zhoumi ft. Tao ‘Rewind’: Good pop music beat.


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