K-Drama/Film Anticipation [November 2014]



Fashion King: How fun does this movie look?! I only wish that this movie was playing here in the states because I would totally watch it. Not to mention that Joo Won and Kim Sung Oh are in the same movie; that’s like a must see in my book.



Dr. Frost (OCN): OCN seems to be on a roll recently with their crime dramas and it looks like this one will add to their success.

The King’s Face (KBS): I Have yet to watch ‘The Face Reader’ which this is based off of, but after hearing good things and the fact that the fabulous Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok are in it, I am curious as to how well this will be. Joseon period dramas usually bore me (sorry) but I am hoping this one will keep my attention.


Curious about…

Valid Love (tvN): I’m just excited that I get to see Lee Soo Hyuk’s face again. Not so sure about the plot, but I’ll definitely check out the first episode.


Heart To Heart (tvN): I’m just interested to see Sohee here. But considering this is a romantic comedy on tvN I may actually enjoy this.


Maids (JTBC): As far as I know JTBC has never made a Joseon period drama and considering that this channel for the most part makes quality stuff, I’m interested in what ‘Maids’ has to offer. Since maids lives weren’t recorded down historically this can give way to a lot of interesting fiction.




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