Music Picks [November 2014]


Top 12 Picks This Month:

HI SUHYUN ‘I’m Different’ ft. Bobby: An adorable mv and Bobby looks hella good here. The song itself is great. The voices of these two girls fits suprisingly well together.

Hyolyn ft. JooYoung ‘Erase’: Love that lip-dance move they do. So far Hyorin has been making great music as a solo artist and ‘Erase’ is no exception. For those of you who never hear of Joo Young – where have you been?! he is one of the greatest R&B artists. ‘From me, to you’ is still one of my favorite songs ever.

Nicole ‘Mama’: A nice debut song here. I more liked the mv itself as well as dancing, its sexy without being overt. And Nicole herself looks beautiful here.

Teen Top ‘I’m Sorry’: From the moment they start dancing it is on! Teen Top never seems to get enough credit for their dancing on the scale that SHINee and Infinite do which is unfortunate. The song is another hit for them. The boys are really growing up.

APINK ‘LUV’: For the first time ever I have an APink song on this list!I was never much a fan of their style but now I am beingwon over by this song.Love the addicitive chorus.

Loco ‘Thinking about you’ Ft. Jay Park: The guys over at AOMG can do no wrong. They make some great R&B/Hip-hop music and this mv is no exception.

Kim Bum Soo ‘Home Meal’: A lovely song in itself, ‘Home Meal’ is also relatable to all of us. The video shots here are great especially the close up food shots, yum!

Mood Schula ‘My FXXXXX’: Nice to see Mood Schula back even if its only for one song. Hopefully this means that we get to see an album soon. A lovely interpretive dance video.

Clazziquai Project ‘Crave You’: Love this song from their album. Ignore the mv (what a predictable looking movie), just listen to the music.

Mate ‘Baby’: Not only a good song but a colorful and intruiging mv too (Hello, Mr. Model Guy!).

Wym ‘Trying’: Not an amazing mv per se but the song itself is.

10CM ‘Missing You’: Yay for 10CM! they always come out with such great music that is simplified and never overdone. I really enjoyed this song and mv.

The Other Mentionables:

Boys Republic ‘The Real One’: I secretly root for Boys Republic to do well so its nice to see that they are gaining fans especially through this mv. Love the mirrored dance thing they do here and all the members here look fierce and on point.

Halo ‘Come On now’: I wasn’t into Halo before but this song changed my mind! I enjoyed it and the dance moves here are pretty cool as well. I’ll be looking out for you, Halo!

GOT7 ‘Stop it, Stop it’: Honestly it isn’t thaaaat great but its got a nice addictive hook. Their song ‘A’ has actually grown on me and in my opinion is their best song yet.

GD X TAEYANG ‘Good Boy’: Same thing, the song isn’t thaaaat great, just good to dance to. The boys do look great here though.

Shannon ‘Daybreak Rain’: Nice debut single, loving the song and voice. However she seems a bit awkward in the mv but like Lee Hi, i’m sure she’ll get better with time.

Mamamoo ‘Piano Man’: Mamamoo seems to have had a great year despite K-Pop having a tumultuous time. Regardless, their songs are always addicted and they themselves are confident, mature, and sexy women that don’t need to be overtly sexy with their dance moves because these girls have the voices to prove themselves.


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