Music Picks [December 2014]


Lovelyz ‘Candy Jelly Love’: As You know, I don’t usually go for sugary pop songs but this song has a hook that’s addictive and fun. I can see why the girls are being compared to Apink but it seems these girls are able to hold their own.

Wassup ‘Shut up U’: The song may be a bit all over the place at times but it’s a song I can keep listening too. It’s at least better than their debut song.

Clara ‘Gwiyomi Song Pt. 2’: A cute and humorous video for a song everyone knows about. I know there are a lot of people that are going to HATE this.

Dia ‘Paradise’: Love her voice; the song is great.

Sultan Of The Disco ft. Black Nut ‘Weh Eh Eh Eh’: A weird video indeed but the song is funky great as expected.

Reflex ‘Talk To Me’ ft. MQ: A cool song and a pretty good rock album too.

Honorable Mention:

2Bic ‘Marry You’: Since I love listening to most of 2Bic’s stuff.

Masta Wu ft. Dok2, Bobby ‘Come Here’: Predictable hip-hop song and video but still a good listen.

Miso Kim ‘Spring Beat’: A nice find. Pretty visuals.

Reflex ‘My All’: What can I say, another good song from them this month.

Linus’ Blanket ‘Mommy‘: Loooving this song.

Hanumpa ‘Acrobat’: Pretty cool video and rock song.


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