Thirty Picks: 2014

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Top 30 Music Picks Of 2014

To carry on the Top 30 tradition from 2013 here’s my list for 2014, with the same rules applying. To narrow down the selections, all songs must have MVs and the artist/group can only appear once on the list. The descriptions makes some other song recommendations that could have easily been a part of this list.  This is in no particular order.

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Rain ’30Sexy’: Rain started off the year right when he came out with this addictive song. His dancing and charisma are still on point after all these years.

AOA ‘Miniskirt’: These girls started off the new year with this song and by the end of the year became one of the ‘it’ girl groups. The MV may be overtly sexy but the song is irresistible. I became their fan after this song.

HA: TFELT ‘Ain’t Nobody’: Only one single, and it was all worth it. Yenny’s dancing is just as fantastic as the song. It bothers me that this was not more popular.

MBLAQ ‘Be A Man’: A great song that would unfortunately be their last as a five member group, which is why I put it on the list. It seems this was the year of breakups and loss of members. Ladies Code ‘Kiss Kiss’ (a great song in itself) is also the last video from a group who sadly lost a couple members this past year.

EXO ‘Overdose’: Speaking of members leaving, EXO was no exception. ‘Overdose’ would be their last video together as a twelve member group. It’s not necessarily my favorite song of the year but the popularity is hard to ignore. Of course, you can’t help but sing along. it’s got a great beat, chorus, and dance but Teen Top’s ‘I’m Sorry’ was another group that could have taken it’s place with its slick choreography and song.

2NE1 ‘Come Back Home’: Now we’ve come to the YG section. ‘Come Back Home’ was not only an awesome song by itself but their video had great meaning too.

Taeyang ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’: Perhaps the biggest song of the year, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ has a beautiful buildup with a lovely but simple mv. Another R&B song, Taemin’s ‘Ace’, could have easily been on this list except it’s not labeled as an mv nor do they use the whole song. Nonetheless its a video not to be missed.

HI SUHYUN ft. Bobby ‘I’m Different’: A cute and adorable song and mv. These two girls’ voices blend surprisingly well together. Hopefully there will be another single by them soon. On the opposite spectrum, but also featuring Bobby, is Epik High’s ‘Born Hater’ with another one of those YG double meaning videos.

Akdong Musician ‘200%’: Continuing on with the cutie line is the brother-sister duo. Akdong Musician was another group that did well this year and ‘200%’ was adorable to listen to and watch. Their other mv ‘Melted’ was a beautiful, slower song with a colder, harsher image.

IU ft. Jang Yi Jeong ‘Friday’: There’s no stopping this girl. This was another big year for IU as she did several solos and features (High4’s ‘Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms’ was a nice collaboration). But here the voices of IU and History member Yi Jeong fit perfectly together. Her other mv ‘My Old Story’ just about made me teary eyed. This seemed to be a great year for solo artists as singers like Heyne (‘Red Lie’) and Park Boram (‘Beautiful’ ft. Zico) also came out with fun songs.

GOT7 ‘A’: The best song the group has come out with all year. Didn’t care for it at first but this fun tune has a way of getting inside your head. Super Junior is another boy group  that shouldn’t be ignored with songs and dances from ‘This is love’ and ‘Evanesce’ being under appreciated.

Kara ‘Mamma Mia’: Perhaps my favorite girls group song this year, ‘Mama Mia’ sounds like the perfect girl’s anthem. It’s bursting with energy, the girls and their dance moves are never too sexy which makes them so much more appealing. Former member, Nicole, also came out with a similar video and song title ‘Mama’ that is just as enjoyable.

Orange Caramel ‘Catallena’: It’s one of those videos that makes the song better than it actually is.  Even though it’s great to look at it also signifies the competitive world of the K-Pop industry. Their other mv ‘My Copycat’ is just as enjoyable.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) ‘Just One Day’: I could have picked any of their strong, macho singles that came out this year like ‘Danger’ with its terrific footwork and dance moves. But the softer, melodic ‘Just One Day’ has always stayed with me since I first heard it on their album.

SoYou X Junggigo ‘Some’: The most popular collaboration song of the year without a doubt. Though it is over played now, it’s still a good song by itself and waaay too popular to not put on the list. This was the year of awesome collaborations.

Hyolyn X Joo Young ‘Erase’: Here’s another Sistar member making a hit. I’ve always been a Joo Young fan, so to have these two together was something close to perfection. Love the dance, love the song.

Gary X Jung In ‘Bicycle’: Collaborating once again, ‘Bicycle’ displays the perfect pairing of Gary’s rapping and Jung In’s husky voice in a video that makes you feel forever alone.

Dynamic Duo X DJ Premier ‘Aeao’: Dynamic Duo always manages to make amazing songs and this one is no exception. An awesome anthem of a song about trying to pursue your dreams.

Jay Park ft. Gray, Simon D ‘Metronome’: Can’t get enough of it. Gray’s chorus, Simon D’s rap, all of it is glorious. Jay Park had a pretty good year himself. ‘So Good’ is another Michael Jackson-esque song that should not be passed up.

Crush ft. Gaeko ‘Hug Me’: Yet another R&B artist with a great year. ‘Sometimes’ was a great song but ‘Hug Me’ is the jam you dance to.

Mamamoo ‘Mr. Ambiguous’: If there is a girl group that deserved proper recognition and fame, it’s Mamamoo. ‘Mr. Ambiguous’ was perhaps my favorite among them with that retro tune, but honestly, all their songs are great with voices like that. A just as valuable group, Spica, also came out with a simular style mv and song ‘You don’t love me’ which is too good to ignore.

Puer Kim ‘Bank’: Another one of those retro tunes that I love listening to. ‘Bank’ is a fun listen and watch. Another under appreciated soloist, Navi, came out with ‘Gone to far’ which is just as good.

Tiny G ‘Ice Baby’: I could have chosen APINK’s ‘LUV’ to be on here but lets face it, Tiny G’s ‘Ice Baby’ is the better mv. For some reason the music and video sounds fresh and new even though it sounds like 90’s pop music (a good thing). Another girl group, Red Velvet, showed just as much talent in their song and dance in ‘Be Natural’.

Parc Jae Jung ft. Beenzino ‘Ice Ice Baby’: It seems the words ‘ice baby’ got around and made another hit, this time for Parc Jae Jung. I’m still listening to this song today; it’s one you sing and dance to from start to finish and be in awe of Beenzino’s rap. Perhaps it’s a good thing that Beenzino didn’t make an mv  of ‘Up All Night’ cause it certainly would have messed up my list.

John Park ‘U’: Just one single and it was so good. Park’s voice is perfect in this and the song itself is so catchy. Another one of those songs I keep listening to.

Troy ‘Green Light’: The best. But what do you expect from Brand New Music? ‘Green Light’ is the jam you happily dance and sing along to.

Brown Eyed Soul ‘Pass Me By’: For some real soul/R&B you can always turn to Brown Eyed Soul. The lyrics are beautiful and you feel it hitting you deep inside.

Clazziquai Project ‘Still By Your Side’: Their other single ‘Madly’ was another favorite of mine but this one has me singing the chorus over and over again. Though the lyrics depict a troubling relationship you can’t help but dance.

Neon Bunny ‘It’s You’: She only put out one single this year, no album, and it was an instant hit. ‘To You’ is an electronic song that is hard to hate. You instantly fall for it.

The Solutions ‘Movements’: So what if some of the English is indecipherable? it’s still a great rock song from beginning to end. Royal Pirates’ ‘Drawing the line’ was another great rock single but The Solutions made a song that was too hard to resist.



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