Six Album Picks of 2014

Six Album Picks of 2014

There have been plenty of great albums that have come out the past year but below are ones that I’ve listened to the most and have come to enjoy.

Life And Time: The Great Deep

lifeandtime greatdeep album

As I predicted, I knew this would be one of my album picks from the very first listen. It’s incredible to think this is their first album, they sound like total experts in their psychedelic/bluesy rock, then you find out that some members of the popular indie groups Loro’s and The Koxx are responsible for this magic – and it all starts to make perfect sense.

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3 Favorites: 1) The Great Deep   2) Universe   3) Tiger (video below)

Pavlov: 26

pavlov 26 album

Yet another rock band that came out with an amazing first album. They got that garage rock feel that I love and their music hypes you up with almost every track.

YT Playlist / iTunes
3 Favorites: 2) All That Jazz (video below)   4) Keep it to yourself   6) For Whom The Bell Tolls

Clazziquai Project: Blink

clazziquai blink

Clazziquai Project needs no introduction. This album proves once again that they are masters in their craft. Light, electronic music that you’d happily move to.

No YT Playlist / iTunes

3 Favorites: 1) Still I’m By Your Side (video below)   2) Madly   3) Crave You

Jisan: Every Different Days


I am amazed that most of the critics ignored to put this album in their year end favorites; to me this is one of the best. It’s slower rock but amazingly emotional with the singers great voice.

YT Playlist / iTunes

3 Favorites: 1) A Sharpen Time   3) A Day, Not Wanting To Do Anything   5) Way Home (video below)

Crush: Crush On You

crush album

There were other similar R&B/Hip-Hop albums that came out this year (Taeyang’s ‘Rise’, Jay Park’s ‘Evolution’) but Crush’s ‘Crush On You’ had me listing to his songs over and over again. It’s that quintessential Amoeba Culture sound paired with his silky voice that I can’t get enough of.

YT Playlist / iTunes

3 Favorites: 3) Hey Baby   4) Whatever You Do   8) Hug Me (video below)

Crucial Star: Midnight

crucial star

As a little extra, I have included Crucial Star’s album. Here’s another awesome album that should have gotten more recognition. His beats, his songs, his voice, his rapping all make him amazing. But more than that, he has got great flow; he makes you bob your head. I love Beenzino as much as the next person, but it’s about time we give Crucial Star some of the limelight.

YT Playlist / iTunes

3 Favorites: 1) Midnight   10) Owl   13) I’m The One (video below)


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