12 Best MV Picks of 2014

orange caramel

In no particular order.

Watch videos on YT here

Orange Caramel ‘Catallena’: Isn’t it automatic? Whoever is responsible for Orange Caramel’s videos is pure genius.

2NE1 ‘Come Back Home’ : Love the message. Confident and beautiful girls.

Epik High ‘Born Hater’: YG’s love of symbolism continues on here.

HI SUHYUN ft. Bobby ‘I’m Different’: Cute. Adorable. fun.

Super Junior M ‘Swing’: Admittedly fun to watch all the way to the end. Nice dance.

Red Velvet ‘Be Natural’: Now this is a dance, ladies! Classy, sophisticated, and sexy.

HA:TFELT ‘Ain’t Nobody’: Love the interpretive dance.

IU ‘My Old Story’: The tears! IU’s emotional voice.

Wings ‘Hair Short’: Symbolism done so creatively.

Puer Kim ‘Bank’: Another creatively done video.

Royal Pirates ‘Drawing The Line’: A mostly one camera shot video about what’s fake and what’s real.

JNS ‘Gonna B Late’: The tension!


Orange Caramel ‘My Copycat’: A fun mv to play along with.

Big Byung ‘Stress Come On’: Hilarious lyrics. Applause to idols who know how to laugh.

Akdong Musician ‘200%’ ‘Melted’: One one side you have cute, on the other side, a cold drama.

Taemin ‘Ace’: Not technically an mv (so for that, I couldn’t put in on the list) but it deserves a mention.

Kara ‘Mama Mia’: Confidently dancing women who don’t gyrate is sexy!

Teen Top ‘I’m Sorry’: Again, this group knows how to dance like no other!

Tiny G ‘Ice Baby’: A 90’s vibe mv and song that’s irresistible.

Heyne ‘Red Lie’: Creative sets and special effects.

Mamamoo ‘Mr. Ambiguous’: Another group of girls who show off their sexy confidence.

Crucial Star ft. Sojin ‘Three Things I Want to Give You’: Creative special effects and editing.

Beenzino ‘How Do I Look?’: Because it’s Beenzino in his own mv, people! (OnStyle took down the original video, so here’s a subbed one.)

Mood Schula ‘My Fxxxxx’: Another interpretive dance video to a great instrumental.

Kim Bum Soo ‘Home Meal’: Makes you hungry and homesick at the same time.

Clazziquai Project ‘Madly’: Great dancing by these two.


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