Music Picks [January 2015]


January’s 7 Picks

High4 ‘Day By Day’: I’m loving this group more and more as they show different and refreshing sides of themselves.

Jonghyun ft. Zion.T ‘Deja Boo’: Because Zion.T is magic. But also because I liked this song more than ‘Crazy’

Yonghwa ft. YDG ‘Mileage’: Suprised by how much I liked this.

Grizzly ‘WithU’: Fun retro R&B.

Kingston Rudieska ‘Digging Your Sound’: It’s been a while since listening to these guys but they came back strong with a cool reggae song and video.

Eddy Kim ‘My Love’: Loooooove. What an adorable mv and the song makes it better. Why Eddy Kim, WHY?! why must you make these amazing songs?!

Ha Yang Su ‘Sky Above’: A slow rock song that I couldn’t help but fall into.


Honorable Mention:

Jay Park ‘GGG’: This was actually one of my favorite tracks on his album but the mv is medicore.

Gaeko X Yankie ft. Beenzino, Babylon ‘Cheers’: I’m sorry, but Beenzino steals the show every time.

Hanhae ‘Man Of The Year’: Meanwhile on the Brand New Music side, Hanhae of Phantom released him single.

Hellopumkin ‘No, so what, you did, not me’: Nice debut single that might be worth a look.

18Gram ‘Secret Forest’: Nice to hear these guys again.

Phonebooth ‘The Wind Rises’: Since I liked their last single, I easily warmed up to this one.


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