5 Drama Picks [2014]

These dramas that are less than 25 eps.


Misaeng (tvN): Thank you drama, for proving that you don’t need romance to carry a Korean drama. True, I didn’t understand much of their business lingo but that doesn’t matter-you feel the tension and you feel the heart. Great acting from everyone especially Lee Sung Min, who deserves a best supporting actor award, as well as the delightful Byun Yo Han. A drama about the everyday grind of life itself, for better and for worse.

Bad Guys (OCN): Great storyline from beginning to end paired with great action and acting. Bad Guys had very little bad points. I swear some of these episodes could have been passed as full fledged action movies. The only minor problem I had was some of the hair. Kim Sang Joong’s hair is constantly over his eyes that its ridiculous at times and Park Hae Jin’s hair is so perfectly cut that I find it hard to believe he came out of an asylum. Regardless, this is still a revealing drama about the human mind and of course the love and loss of human life.

kinghighschoolKing Of High School (tvN): Now onto the romantic comedies who’s favorites this year seem to be all on tvN. This has to be one of my favorite romantic comedies ever. Yup, I said it. Everyone is perfectly cast in this drama and no characters are gone to waste. This is one of those dramas that I can watch over and over again and still laugh and feel all happy inside. This is the drama that really made me fall for Seo In Guk; his comedic timing is excellent as well as Jo Han Chul who plays his stressed out manager.

marriagedatingMarriage Not Dating (tvN): Now, there is nothing special about this plot, in fact, it’s pretty predictable; but what makes this drama look refreshing and new is its two leads. I swear, Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo were made for each other in dramaland and I am hoping, praying that they will be reunited again sometime in the future. Han Groo proved to everyone that she can handle comedy and I expect her to be in many dramas in the future because of her role in this drama.

SurplusPrincessSurplus Princess  (tvN): Though it is a shame that the drama had to be cut down to ten episodes, this dramas is still adorably cute and watchable. I thought it was weird to have a drama about a mermaid (in Seoul, no less) and that the main character was acted by Jo Bo Ah (who’s wooden acting was such a turn off in Shut Up Flower Boy Band) that I stayed away from the drama at first. But after watching the first episode I was completely won over and Jo Bo Ah’s acting really improves here. Kim Min Kyu is also a delight to watch as the jobless nerd. Despite there being a some plot holes that never get resolved, this drama is still watchable and still puts a smile on my face.


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