K-Drama Anticipation [March 2015]


Even though the year has barely started, there is already a bunch of great dramas out there and it seems more is coming our way next month. Here’s what I’m looking forward to checking out the most in March.

Super Daddy Yeol (tvN): I’m up for any romantic comedies from tvN and the premise sounds fun and endearing. Plus I like Lee Dong Gun for the most part.

Missing Noir M (OCN): This is from the people that made ‘TEN’ which makes me say yay but on the other hand also makes me sulk knowing that season three of ‘TEN’ isn’t coming back yet. Regardless, this ten episode drama should be just as titillatingly fun as it’s predecessor ‘Bad Guys’. Also, I love Park Hee Soon; he’s such a charismatic guy.

Angry Mom (MBC): I have my doubts since this is from MBC; but the network does every now and then throw out a good drama, so I am hoping this to be one of them. What keeps my hopes up is that actresses Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung are both in it, so it can’t be entirely bad. The story is what also keeps me interested; seeing Kim Hee Sun go undercover as a high school student with Ji Hyun Woo as her teacher should be a good laugh.

angrymom 2 angrymom

Heard It Through The Grapevine (SBS): Even though this is coming out a couple days from now in February, I thought it would be a good bonus. This is coming from the already highly regarded writer Jung Sung Joo. Though I gave up on ‘Secret Love Affair’ last year, ‘A Wife’s Credentials’ still remains to me as one of the best (and under appreciated) melodramas  ever; so I most definitely have to check this drama out. I’m also excited to see Ko Ah Sung coming back to dramaland; she’s a great young actress in her own right, so i’m glad to see her on the small screen again. The only downside? it’s 32 episodes. ugh.

Extra: Movie Anticipation

Twenty: How can I end this post without mentioning this movie?! It looks like a total blast and all three actors (Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Junho) are showing great comedic acting, which I have been waiting for (especially from Woo Bin). Too bad I’ll only be able to watch it months from now…


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