Thirty Picks: 2012

bigbang fantastic

Since 2012 was such a pivotal year in Korean music, it was only right that I do my list of picks for that year as I have done to all the years proceeding it.  To narrow down the selections, all songs must have MVs and the artist/group can only appear once on the list. This is in no particular order.

Playlist on 8tracks

Playlist on YouTube

Big Bang ‘Fantastic Baby’  Nobody had a bigger year than this group (other than Psy). When their album dropped it was game over for everyone else; even I went to their world tour concert.

G-Dragon ‘One Of A Kind’ In the year of the dragon it was a GD year which makes sense for a person born in the year of the dragon.

Lee Hi ‘’ Though Lee Hi’s acting in this mv is cringe worthy (thank goodness she has improved since then), this song, on the other hand is anything but. An addictive Duffy-like song that fits perfectly for Lee Hi’s voice.

Ailee ‘I’ll Show You’ Girl powers unite! Seeing G.O’s dumbfounded face is a pleasure to laugh at.

Sistar ‘Alone’ I could have easily put Secret’s ‘Poison’ instead (which is probably their biggest mv) but ‘Alone’ has that seductive dance and tune that is hard to resist.

BoA ‘Only One’ Though an amazingly choreographed mv itself, this lovely song is also great to listen to.

EXO ‘What Is Love’ Though it wasn’t officially their debut song, it should have been. This is the song and mv that piqued everyone’s interests for the now ever popular boy group.

Super Junior ‘Sexy, Free And Single’ Though it has been mocked for it’s pronunciation (single-bingle/bingo), not even I can deny that it’s a great song overall. The first few seconds of the song get you pumped up.

T-ARA ‘Sexy Love’ T-ARA is the icon of addictive dance music. Their other song from this year ‘Lovey Dovey’ still remains one of the best K-Pop songs ever, but ‘Sexy love’ just nearly edged it out.

Wonder Girls ‘Like This’ Speaking of addictive songs, this one might just be the best (and perhaps last) Wonder Girls song out there. How could you not like it? How could you not dance to it or sing along? Why was this AMAZING song ignored?!

Miss A ‘I Don’t Need A Man’ These girls do no wrong for me. Not only are they sexy but their music is just my style. But like Wonder Girls, they don’t get much spotlight. WHY?!

Orange Caramel ‘Lipstick’ Perhaps the one mv of the group that really caught everyone’s attention and in turn gave them proper recognition. As they should; both the song and mv are irresistible.

U-KISS ‘Stop Girl’ I really thought this song was gonna be the one that would launch them into major popularity; but alas, it seems only the international fans appreciated this super awesome song.

Shinhwa ‘Venus’ Shinhwa’s return did not disappoint in this fun clubbing song.

Infinite ‘The Chaser’ Still remains the best Infinite song yet. This song will be timeless.

KARA ‘Pandora’ This was the first time that KARA really caught my attention musically. Personally, they have always been the best looking girl group out there but ‘Pandora’ finally made me a fan.

Girl’s Day ‘Don’t Forget Me’ After this song, these girls were finally able to get their break. This is still my favorite song of theirs; I don’t think it will ever get old for me.

Exid ‘Feel Good’ Their debut song is still as fun today as it was then. Not to mention a great album.

Nine Muses ‘Ticket’ Here’s another group with an addictive song. ‘Ticket’ has a chorus that’s hard to get out of your head and you’ll probably start humming it the next time you take any form of public transportation.

Spica ‘Painkiller’ As everyone knows, this is another girl group that deserves the spotlight. Their songs and voices are amazing and ‘Painkiller’ shows a terrific example of their talent.

Yang Yoseob ‘Caffeine’ Though the sentence structure in the chorus is a bit off, this song is still amazing to listen to.

C-Clown ‘Far Away…Young Love’ This group had to be on the list because their earlier albums (which include this song) had that certain style of music that really fit them. I only hope they can make more music like this in the future.

Dalmation (DMTN) ‘E.R’ Overtime, this song really got to me and now I would have to say it’s one of the best songs of 2012.

G.NA X Sanchez ‘Beautiful Day’ A beautiful duet between two people known for their beautiful voices.

Primary ‘See Through’ ft. Zion.T Thanks to Primary we were all properly introduced to the one and only Zion.T

Clazzi ‘Love And Hate’ ft. Yi Sung Yol A Lovely and addictive electronic song. Clazzi is a gifted producer/artist.

Neon Bunny ‘Oh My Prince’ Thanks to this mv, Neon Bunny was able to get some deserving recognition.

The Koxx ‘Love Dance’ Their other 2012 mv ‘Take Me Far From Home’ is another marvel to watch and listen to. Despite their bad English grammer, The Koxx still knows how to get the beats just right for all of their songs that you can’t help but fall for them.

Toxic ‘Lonely’ From the very beginning you know this is going to be one great rock song.

Jambinai ‘Time Of Extinction’ No words are needed in this song; this instrumental song is enough to make you feel it’s rocking mood.




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