12 Best MV Picks [2012]

oc lipstick

YouTube Playlist 

BoA ‘Only One’ It’s just a dance mv but one that you can’t keep your eyes off of. Yup, BoA  still got it.

Ga In ‘Bloom’ A round of applause for Ga In for singing songs that no other girl artist is. Sex can be a beautiful thing, especially with the one you love.

Sunny Hill ‘Goodbye To Romance’ Nostalgia that makes me all teary eyed. A story of saying goodbye to the most innocent, lovelorn school years and having to move on. Let the sobbing commence.

Orange Caramel ‘Lipstick’ Funny and lovable, these girls never disappoint.

Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ An obvious choice.

Big Bang ‘Fantastic Baby’ Big impressive sets and plenty of symbolism; That’s how Big Bang does it.

UV ‘I Want To Live With Her’ I may be hated for saying this, but to me this is even funnier than ‘Gangnam Style’ If your a drama watcher, you will laugh all the way through.

Leessang ‘Hard To Be Humble’ Adorable and naughty kids having the time of their lives. Isn’t this the way life aught to be?

K.Will ‘Please Don’t’ Again, this one is on the list without question. But you’ll have to watch to the end to see why.

Nell ‘The Day Before’ I’d have to say this is one of my favorite mvs ever; admittedly part of it is because Lee Min Ki and Song Jae Rim are in the same room.

10cm ‘Grief’ + Paul Potts ‘I’m Missing You’ a bittersweet mv about a man reliving a part of his past.

Lowdown 30 ‘Chaeyeon’ Might just be the best mv I’ve ever seen. Chilling to the bone.


Lowdown 30 ‘Like Dust On The Street’ Skater boys who look cool. Lowdown 30 knows how to make cool videos.

3rd Line Butterfly ‘Utterly Sexy’ The style of it, the sexual innuendo. You get the idea.

Neon Bunny ‘Oh My Prince’ Again, I love the style of it and the music makes it more awesome.

Kim C ‘Love’ Yet another one for styling. For some reason seeing Jo In Sung walking is very interesting.

The Koxx ‘Love Dance’; ‘Take Me Far From Home’ ‘Love Dance’ shows fun times in the car while ‘Take Me Far From Home’ shows some incredibly cool effects.

Achime ‘DOH!’ Another kids themed video with a lovable but miserable lead you just love to root for.

Kim Ji Soo ‘Vintage Man’ Seeing Ji Soo in an ultra low cut v-shirt would make anyone laugh.

Venus Kim ‘Exercise’ It may be an amateur like video but it’s a lovable one.

Girl’s Day ‘Oh! My God’ Back in the day when Girl’s Day blended aegyo and comedy very well.

Hyungdon X Daejune ‘The Gloomy Song’; ‘Oh, Yeah’ The most hilarious lyrics and videos. And for some reason, the songs themselves sound really good. Watch with the CC button on.

Miss A ‘Touch’ I love the cold creepy vibe here. May just be the best idol mv of the year. This deserves more love.

Big Bang ‘Monster’ I could have easily put ‘Monster’ on the list. But whats with all the hair styles in this video?

Virgin Lab ‘Midnight Journey’ Just two guys playing table tennis. Nothing sexual about it.

Byul (Star) ‘So Cute’ ft. 10cm Seeing the actual wedding proposal video between Haha and Byul just makes me melt inside. What an adorable couple.


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