12 Best MV Picks [2011]

leessang turnofftv

As I was going through the 2012 videos I realized how many great music videos there were from 2011. So as an added bonus, I put my favorites below.

YT Playlist

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sixth Sense’; ‘Cleansing Cream’ ‘Sixth Sense’ is still on of the best idol mvs ever made in terms of scale and symbolism. ‘Cleansing Cream’ is a fantastically filmed, sisterly melodrama.

Girl’s Day ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ Still my favorite Girls Day mv, other than ‘Oh! My God’. This has to be the best, cutest dance of K-Pop.

Donghae X Eunhyuk ‘Oppa Oppa’ Fun editing+ fun dance+ fun song=fun times.

Yoon Mi Rae ‘Get It In’ Bad ass action done by the bad ass queen herself.

Leessang ‘Turned Off The TV’; ‘Kyuksantawoo’ Two totally different styles but both oh so good. ‘Turned Off The TV’ is a wonderfully done art piece while ‘Kyuksantawoo’ is a hilarious parody of Chinese action films. Plus, seeing Kwangsoo, Haha, and Gary all together just makes me laugh.

Verbal Jint ‘Perfect Match’ Alcoholics=bad. Nicely filmed The song doesn’t really start ’till the 3:00 mark.

UV ‘Itaewon Freedom’ ft. JYP JYP and UV together in a song? a match made in heaven.

Joo ‘Bad Guy’ It wasn’t until I saw this mv that I realized how handsome Chansung is. Joo is just a bad ass in this.

The Koxx ’12:00′ I love the timeline story here. The guys are trying to get a girl before midnight but nothing seems to be working out. 

Kiha And The Faces ‘A Sort Of Relationship’ There is no way I would be able to keep up with those hands/fingers! An impressive and unique mv that’s one of the best of the year.



T-ARA ‘Roly Poly In Copacabana’ the girls dancing in school uniforms somehow makes you want to dance along.

Verbal Jint ‘You Look Good’ Time stops for a moment in this mv but the ending was unpleasant.

Leessang ‘Let’s meet now’ One of those videos you need the English translations to. Another fun song that was originally written and sung by Kiha And The Faces.

The Black Skirts ‘International Love Song’; ‘Young Love’; ‘Dientes’ Unfortunately the ‘Dientes’ mv no longer exists on YT but still remains one the best animated mvs I’ve seen (and would have been on the list for sure)  But ‘International Love Song’ and ‘Young Love’ does some cool effects on a chalkboard.

Lowdown 30 ‘Apshalt’ A man fighting with himself? or is it something more? this guy must have been in a lot of pain.

Glen Check ‘Racket’ Being chased by tennis balls would be a scary thing indeed.

Jang Kiha And The Faces ‘Watch TV’ The translation of this is hilarious. A song about watching TV never seemed so interesting.




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