Music Picks [February 2015]


Shinhwa ‘Sniper’ Had to be the best song this month. You can always count on these guys to make great singles. First ‘Venus’, ‘This Love’, and now ‘Sniper’? they are on a roll.

Infinite H ‘Pretty’ Yay for this duo coming back again (If only the same thing could be said for GD X TOP). The song isn’t as great as their initial singles but it still has their amazing swag style.

Niel ‘Lovekiller’ For Niel’s first solo this is great. Niel, like Taemin, deserved his own solo with the amount of talent he has in both singing and dancing.

Nu’est ‘I’m Bad’ Ren’s hair is now dark?! The thing is he now looks more like a matured man compared to the blond that made him look prettier than most woman. I guess this is a good thing. Regardless, the song itself is good. Like ‘Hello’, I like it when Nu’est does this R&B style.

Kixs ‘Beautiful’ Light r&b song and hey, it’s got Hara in it too.

MYNAME ‘Too Very So Much’ (Dance Ver.) Again, I’m choosing the dance version because I think they did a great job with it. The song too is great too.

Zion.T X Crush ‘Just’ Slow but oh so sweet. All you have to do is sit back and listen to these guys crooning and you are swept away by their amazing voices. By the way, Zion.T’s hair? YES.

Crush ‘Whatever you do’ Ft. Gray Even though this is an old song from last year, it’s still nice to see they made a dance mv to it. Seriously, all of Amoeba Culture’s R&B songs should have dance versions; I would watch every single one.

Anda ‘Mastering’ Apparently Andamiro shortened her stage name to Anda, but no matter, she is still coming out with great singles. Though her voice and song overall is softer here, it is still a awesome song to listen to.

Cranfield ‘Cobalt’ Just because I’m a fan of the band. They bring back their mellow rock style in this one.

EE ‘Freak Flag’ I’ve always admired EE for doing their own thing. Since they are not only musicians but actual artists themselves, ‘EE’ is meant to be out there and for that I commend them. Here, they paired up with the Seoul Museum Of Art for this mv (I should say art performance?). Even if this isn’t your thing, you still won’t look away.



4Minute ‘Crazy’ (Choreo. Ver.) The song may not be that great but the dance is.

Rainbow ‘Black Swan’ Again, not that great but still worth a look. And look at all the pretty.

Henry Bloomfield ‘Overtime’ Like his last single, ‘Miss Mary’, this one is a fun watch and listen.



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