Music Picks [March 2015]


GaIn ‘Paradise Lost’ In true GaIn-sex-fueled-style, she is there to fulfill your every fantasy. The dance moves, the attitude, it’s all there.

Junsu ‘Flower’ Whether you like the song or not doesn’t matter, it’s the mv.

Red Velvet ‘Automatic’ Loved it. Red Velvet should stick to R&B, they are gifted in the genre.

Minah ‘I’m A Woman Too’ You know I have to support my girl Minah. A great song, though I do admit it limits her vocal range.

Crayon Pop ‘FM’ The song is good but the MV is awesome. To combine Sailor Moon and The Power Rangers together in one video, there is no way that it can be boring.

MFBTY ‘Bucku Bucku’ A song that you will always bob your head too. Rap Monster pretty much stole the show. Yay for EE getting some recognition.

Moss ‘Flash Life’ Groovin’ song. Plainly said.

Primary X Ohhyuk ‘Gondry’ A real change up in style for Primary, but it still all so good. Ohhyuk’s and Lim Kim’s voice are perfectly made for each other. Sure, the English parts don’t seems to make sense much, but overall, this is a hypnotizing song.

Sungwoo Jung-A ‘Springirls’ How the heck did I miss this song months later? Yup, that’s Dara in there with The Barberettes.



GaIn ‘Apple’ Ft. Jay Park Love this song.

Exo ‘Call Me Baby’ To be honest, there is nothing spectacular or different about this song or mv that they haven’t already done before.

Miss A ‘Only you’ Miss A is one of my favorite girl groups, but this song was just okay. Min though be lookin good.

Donghae X Eunhyuk ‘Growing Pains’

Shannon ‘Why why’ Oh come on, it’s a cute mv.

Boyfriend ‘Bounce’

Madtown ‘New World’

MFBTY ‘Bang Diggity’

Zion.T ‘Zero Gravity’

Primary X Ohhyuk ‘Island’ / ‘Bawling’ The whole album, really, is worth listening to.

Giriboy ‘Take Care Of You’ I Love Giriboy but honestly Swings’ original here is still the best.

Flash Flood Darlings ‘Byeol’ Lets face it, that is one cool band name.

Dear Cloud ‘U’ I know it’s for the movie but dang, I am loving this song. Why didn’t I find it before?

Hee Young ‘Whiskey To Tea’ An old song of hers that now somehow has it’s own mv. Regardless, Hee Young is always worth listening to.


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