Drama Picks [2013]

In no particular order:


Reply 1994 I’m in the minority when I say that I enjoyed this drama more than it’s predecessor 1997. I felt that it was much more heartfelt with all of it’s characters by making me laugh and cry every episode. Go Ara is dynamite in this and made me love her as an actress. Sure it maybe went on longer than it should, and the whole husband-hunting thing got tiring, but for the most part 1994 made me feel like I was part of a weird but lovable family.


Let’s Eat (Season one) The food porn shots in this are divine, I tell you!! Watching people eat never looked so appetizing. Everyone including the side characters are great, but it’s idol-actor Doo Joon that fits his character like no other. Though the whole murder-mystery plot was a bit useless, this drama still managed to be so much fun.


Miss Korea Sadly underrated, or shall I say under-viewed? I don’t think too many people watched this drama which is a shame because it turned out to be one of the best. Perhaps it was because of its slower pacing and story line but believe me, they made it all up with heart and made you really believe and root for these underdog characters. Any drama with Lee Sun Kyun is probably worth watching (for his voice alone).


Ten (Season two) The second season did not disappoint as the gang solves new cases but also tries to solve the big F case that started from season one. There are great twists but the season ends with them no closer to the truth; so it’s only a matter of time that season three will be coming (yes, please!) to hopefully tie up the loose ends. I’m still dying to know what happens next!


Monstar A small drama that I surprisingly enjoyed. The music and characters are great to listen and watch to. Even though this may not necessarily be a personal favorite of mine, I still admit it’s well done. Plus, this drama introduced me to Kang Ha Neul and that’s all that’s needed.


Puberty/Adolescence Medley Perhaps the best Korean school drama ever? I kid you not, this small drama is worth every one of its four episodes with it’s lovable characters and story lines that made it so fun and a bit nostalgic. Friendship, love, laughs, what more could I ask for? Young actor Kwak Dong Yeon is a talent to watch. This guy has lead guy material written all over him. Why isn’t he lead in a big drama already!

Comments on other dramas:

Cruel City Sure it looks cool and sleek but I just can’t get past Nam Gyu Ri’s plastic-doll-of-a-face. She looks beautiful but she can’t act with that face. I almost think that if the drama were played by some other actress I may actually like this drama better. There are some parts of the story that are questionable, but I guess no drama is perfect. Fell for Lee Jae Yoon thanks to this drama.

Flower Boy Next Door It starts off sooo well but then it came out to be pretty mediocre in the end. It’s not bad, but it could be better. Personally, I don’t remember much of the ending. And don’t think that Park Shin Hye’s kissing gets any better here. Nope, it’s still the same.

Hope For Dating In the end, I think everyone was rooting for Im Siwan’s character even though he was not the main lead. I love how Siwan plays his character, his honesty is so sincere; he’s not perfect but that’s what makes him lovable. He honestly should have had his own spin off show (that, I would watch). Guess BoA had other things in mind…

After School Bokbulbok Total fun. If you can get past the first episode then the rest is a fun ride. More like a Japanese comedy-drama than anything. Kang Tae Oh has such great comedic talent that he should be in more dramas than he is now (if not, be main lead, even). However, don’t bother watching the second season. A bit too much, if you ask me.


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