Music Picks [April 2015]


Lim Kim ‘Awoo’ From the very first beat you know it’s about to be a good song. Lim Kim is beautiful as always and I loved the styling in the mv.

Oh My Girl ‘Cupid’ Best girl group song this month? ‘Cupid’ is a fun and infectious anthem that makes you get up and sing along. The drum line in the background makes me feel like this song could be played at a game somewhere and we’re all happily singing along.

Mamamoo ‘Ahh Oop’ ft. Esna Can’t go wrong with these girls. They started off the month right with another one of their retro tunes. This mv has to be one of their best yet. Look at that sass and the curves! applause, ladies.

Primary ‘See You’  I love seeing Primary coming back with all these new songs recently. Though this is not my favorite song of his, I don’t think I could ever get tired of his music.

San E ‘Me You’ ft. Baek Ye Rin San E’s comeback has mostly been hardcore rap but this little song with Baek Ye Rin showed us yet again of San E’s versatility.

MY Q ‘Baby Rose’ Yay for MY Q coming back with new stuff. Thought the mv isn’t much, ‘Baby Rose’ is still a lovable electronic song.

Love X Stereo ‘We Love We Leave’ Another song that’s late on the list but still glad to hear this song anyway.

Big Earth Little Me ‘Gravity’ Love the band name. Just an enjoyable rock/electronic song.


Lim Kim ‘Love Game’ Her other single is just as good as ‘Awoo’

Park Boram ‘Celepretty’ I loved Park Boram since her ‘Beautiful’ debut and though this song isn’t as great as that one, it still carries on a happy beat.

J.Y. Park ‘Who’s Your Mama’ ft. Jessi Though it’s debatable whether these Asian girls have booty, the song itself is still good and fun to watch.

BTS ‘I Need You’ To be honest, this isn’t their strongest song but their message in the mv gets across clearly; after a few listens the chorus really starts to sink in.

MR.MR ‘Out’ Just as good as BTS’s song. After a couple listens, the chorus really sticks. The only downside to the mv  is that there are more shots of Tey than all the other members put together.

Infinite H ‘Crazy’ ft. Sanchez Great rapping and a different style from the Infinite duo. A nice change.

Crispi Crunch ‘Back Spin’ Play this in the club.

Yoo Se Yun ‘Middle School Sick’ ft. Jay Park You would think that a song by Yoo Se Yun would be silly but this sounds great thanks to Jay Park. In fact, it sounds more like Jay Park’s song than anything else.

The Black Skirts ‘Hollywood’ Finally! the return of one of the best rock/electronic groups.


24K ‘Hey You’

HOTSHOT ‘Watch Out’

Bastarz ‘Conduct Zero’

San E ‘#LuvUHater’

HZM ‘Food Fighter’

Midnight Monsters ‘Sunnyside’ 


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