Music Picks [May 2015]


Big Bang ‘Bae Bae’ Fantastical. This is what Big Bang does best: outrageous sets and themes with double meanings (though I am sure everyone knew what this mv was about). The colors are gorgeous and I look forward to TOP’s rap every time.

SHINee ‘View’ I will honestly say that this is one of the few Shinee songs that I liked right off the bat. This was an instant like and thankfully their mv is different too. Finally, they have escaped the cursed SM box!

BoA ‘Kissing Lips’ Grooving to this one! BoA is still a goddess and I am still a fan.

Seulong ‘Mood Swing’ ft. Black Nut Wasn’t expecting much but wow, what a great song! Seulong definitely fits the R&B genre.

Jay Park ‘Mommae’ ft. Ugly Duck Them-girls-got-it. That’s all I can say. The song is still signature Jay Park awesomeness.

Zion.T ‘Eat’ Not much of a change from his last single but it’s still a good song nonetheless.

Urban Zakapa ‘Get’ ft. Beenzino After a couple listens I really warmed up to the song and not just because Beenzino is in it.

Eddy Kim X Solar ‘Coffee And Tea’ Put Eddy Kim with one of the girls of Mamamoo together? Yes, please! It’s a cute, relaxing song that’s perfect for the duo.


Worth It:

Kara ‘Cupid’

Hyunseung ‘Ma First’

Jay Park ‘Sexy Trip’

Seventeen ‘Adore U’

BESTie ‘Excuse Me’

MYNAME ‘Just Tell Me’ These guys are on a roll! ‘Too Very So Much’ is still a relatively new song but here they are with another one that is just as good! This group is starting to get my attention.

Urban Zakapa ‘Two One Two’ That mv though-I love. There are a lot of sickingly annoying couple videos out there but this doesn’t seem forced at all, or overdone. It’s a perfect balance. I would root for this couple for sure!

Yankie ‘Sold Out’ ft. Tablo, Zion.T, Loco 

Hyukoh ‘Hooka’ Oh Hyukoh, I love their music but Oh Hyuk’s English…it is better if he sung in Korean. I hate when Korean artists feel like they have to have their choruses sung in English. NO YOU DO NOT!

JJY Band ‘OMG’ 

Gogo Star ‘Jumping’

Vinylehouse ‘Negative Love’ Technically this is from April but better late than never.

Yang Hee Eun ‘Mother To Daughter’ Just watch the mv. It made me wanna cry.



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