Music Picks [June 2015]

A fantastic month for boy groups, it must be said.


2PM ‘My House’ Not only a great song but a nicely directed mv; and I mean this in the smallest of details. Woo Young simply striding through a crowd of people in the first verse made me go GAAH! the camera did it’s magic. And it did it again with Taecyeon’s one-eyed wolfish look juxtaposed with an actual wolf. Nicely done.

Teen Top ‘ Ah Ah’ These boys are still on top of their footwork. BUT THIS SONG DOE!! when it was playing in the car, I turned it up loud. One of the best songs this year.

BTS ‘Dope’ Speaking of boys who know how to dance, BTS is no exception. Have you seen this choreography?! I never new what the hype about Jimin was but after this mv…I know whats up.

EXO ‘Love Me Right’ Them dressed up in football gear was a bit odd but these boys look better than ever, and this song really gets into your head. D.O knows how to give that look doesn’t he?

Big Bang ‘Bang Bang Bang’ ‘Bae Bae’ is still my jam but ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ is a nice follow up and honestly took me a couple of listens before really getting into. All the boys look like they are having the time of their lives in this MV though. I wish ‘If You’ had an mv; that is one great song and my favorite of theirs this year so far.

Seo In Young ‘Lies’ ft. Kanto A catchy song, and then you got Kanto in it too.

Primary ‘Mannequin’ ft. Beenzino, Suran Yup, Primary and Beenzino together again. I couldn’t resist.

Peejay ‘I get lifted’ ft. Beenzino Peejay is one of those music producers that deserves more spotlight. Beenzino’s flow is still on top.

Verbal Jint ‘Doin’ It’ ft. Sanchez Jammin’ to this song.

Anda ‘Touch’ Anda, you did it again! and with a cool choreography too.

Pippi Band ‘Over and Over’ ft. Zion.T I never knew that Yun Jung of EE originally started in this group, but thank goodness I know now! The artsy creativity of Yun Jung and Zion.T together are a perfect combination.

Risso ‘OMG’ Waltz Sofa. That’s all that’s need to be said. The same label that holds Humming Urban Stereo, Risso is another talent with a great song.


Worth It:

Big Bang ‘We Like 2 Party’

MBLAQ ‘Mirror’

Sistar ‘Shake It’

AOA ‘Heart Attack’

High4 ‘Baby Boy’

Melody Day ‘#LoveMe’

Playback ‘Playback’

Chae Yeon ‘Video, Even If I Didn’t See’

Sleepy and Song Ji Eun ‘Cool Night’

Babylon ‘Pray’

Tritops ‘Sorry that i’m ugly’

Eun Ji Won ‘Trauma’

Roci Eycko, Simahoy, Jericho ‘Wake Up’

2000 Won ‘Goodbam’

Jung Se Jin ‘It’s Going To Be Cold’

Kim Feel ‘Stay With Me’

McKay ‘Month Of June’

Lowdown 30 ‘Hotter’


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