Music Picks [August 2015]

wonder girls

Wonder Girls ‘I Feel You’ For making a sexy comeback at all, for one, and for coming out with a cool retro 80’s album, for two.

BIGBANG ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love’ For showing us how sweet their smiles are. Look at their stares. Aww.

GD&TOP ‘Zutter’ For being the weird duo that they are in their videos, but still making an addictive song after all this time.

Girl’s Generation ‘Lion Heart‘ For proving to me that there is a GG song that I like.

SHINee ‘Married To The Music’ For having a fun Halloween-esque mv with that MJ inspired music.

Parasol ‘Your Posture’ For coming out with another mv from their awesome album.


Worth It: 

T-ARA ‘So Crazy’

Nine Muses ‘Yes Or No’

2EYES ‘Pippi’

Primary ‘Just Like U’ ft. Yankie, Jessie

Verbal Jint & Sanchez ‘Favorite’

Sik-K ‘Better Life’



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